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Top 7 Ideas To Make Your Bedroom Romantic

With spring cleaning comes a desire for a refresh of your existing interior decorating. We have put together the top 7 ideas to make your bedroom more romantic.

Romantic Bedroom Idea #1) A Mantle Above Your Headboard

This is perfect for leaning pictures, artfully lining up candles and arranging romantic decor. It’s also incredibly simple to do. You can use a shelf with an ornate design or get a headboard with a mantle built in.

Romantic Bedroom Idea #2) Candles, candles and did we mention candles?

We aren’t talking about those tea light candles you can buy in bulk, we mean serious, intricate candles. There are thousands of DIY candle projects on Pinterest. A few of our favorite include the wine bottle candles, floating candle in a vase with flowers and matte painted candlestick holders.

Romantic Bedroom Idea #3) Scent of Romance

There are several ways to add a great smell to your bedroom. There are pillow mists, linen sprays, potpourri, scent sticks and more. A tip from a fellow DIYer is to put a few drops of your linens on the sheets. You can even make a scented drawer liner. The trick is to have a consistent smell, one that will bring out happy memories. Our personal favorite is the fresh balsam wallflower from Bath and Body Works

Romantic Bedroom Idea #4) Romantical Wall Decor

We love the quintessential “love” sprawled in big cursive letters on a canvas on the wall. There are so many possibilities for romantic wall decor on Pinterest. Our favorites include white fancy framed paintings like flowers and landscapes as well as the cursive written on barn wood. The image above is two black painted canvases with all the couples’ travel locations painted on in gold.

Romantic Bedroom Idea #5) Make Your Bed Sexy

Beds themselves can be boring, but with some fantastic throw pillows, luxurious sheets and a silky comforter you have elevated to sex pad. We love the idea of curtains around the bed, and this is super easy to DIY, two curtain rods and install on both sides of the bed.

Romantic Bedroom Idea #6) Pick a Romantic Wall Color

There are so many romantic looking wallpapers or shades of paint to make your room the perfect color. The color of the walls can really set the mood of the room. Too dark and you feel a little trapped, too bright or shiny and you can feel anxious. We like the idea of light golds, deep reds and grays for the bedroom. If it seems to bold you can always go with an accent wall to test the waters. We love the room above and the pop of purple.

Romantic Bedroom Idea #7) Set the Mood Lighting

The lighting can bring everything together in your new romantic room. There are so many DIY lamp revivals on Pinterest if you want to make your current lamp more romantic. There are lampshades from lace and doilies. The lightbulb is important too, we think it’s best to go with a warm yellow light in 60 watt brightness or less, this will help you relax.

Any romantic ideas for a bedroom? Share with us!


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