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Top TikTok DIYS to Try

TikTok is taking the craft world by storm. Packed to the brim with quick clips featuring home DIYs, simple crafts, and even full-on house flips—it's easy to see why DIY TikTok is a place you want to be. Here are some of the top trends to try.

Clay Paint

If you want to turn old glass vases and pots into vases and pots that look like terracotta or clay, this DIY is for you. All you need is baking soda, Mod Podge, paintbrushes, and paint. There's no exact formula for this paint concoction, so you may need to give it a few tries.

Take your paint and dump a little into a bowl, then add your baking soda. Mix the two together so there are no clumps, and until it is the thickness of pudding. Then add in about a tablespoon of Mod Podge (if you've got a lot of paint, add more). If you want your final product to look really clay-like and textured, you can make this mix a little thicker.

Once your paint is all mixed, start painting your glass items. Paint a thin layer and let it dry completely before you add another layer. You will probably need to paint your object with three or four coats, making sure to paint the bottom and a little of the inside too.

Head to your local thrift store to grab vases and containers of all different shapes and sizes to create a unique, upscale look.

Resin Keychains

Resin keychains are all the rage, partly because resin is a very popular medium right now. To create your resin keychain, you will first need to get a silicone mold. These can be found online and at DIY stores. Popular molds on TikTok right now include initials, simple shapes, and a cat that doubles as a self-defense item.

You'll also need resin. Resin can be intimidating, and expensive. If you're just starting out with resin, consider purchasing a beginner's resin kit from a local craft store. These kits are more affordable and will have everything you need to get started.

And lastly, you will need items to place in the resin—like dried flowers, sparkles, glitter pieces, or anything else that will create a cool look in your clear resin.

Once you have all your supplies, set your decorative items in the mold, and mix your resin. Then, closely following all of the instructions, pour the resin into the mold and let it harden.

Dollar Store Mirrors

If you need a good dupe, head to TikTok. Crafters were tired of paying big bucks for fancy mirrors from expensive home decor stores, so they took to TikTok. To create these popular giant mirrors, you will need wood, trim, mirrors from the dollar store, and wood glue and hot glue.

First, head to the dollar store and grab several mirrors without frames. Depending on how large you want the final product, you'll need to grab quite a few. You'll be laying these mirrors out in a grid shape, so think of how many you want, based on how you want the final product to look. We recommend setting up five rows of three mirrors.

Once you grab the mirrors, measure them, and do a little math. If your mirrors are five by five, and you're placing three across and five down, you'll want a piece of wood that is a little over fifteen inches wide and a little over twenty-five inches long.

Once you have your measurement, go purchase a piece of wood and cut it to the right size. You will also need thin trim to run down and across all of the edges of the mirrors, so you'll need to do a little math to determine how much trim you need, too.

Once you have all of your supplies, begin by painting or staining your wood (if you want to) then gluing down all of the mirrors with hot glue once the wood is dry. Once the mirrors are secured, use glue (wood or hot) to place your trim and let it dry.

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