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Totally Bad Girl Seductive Sex Tricks To Try On Him.

There are certain things every man wants, but doesn’t know how to quite get across to his seemingly lovely and “good” girl. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that everything you get up to in the bedroom is vanilla, but if you really want to spice things up, these 10 tricks will crank up the heat in the bedroom several notches and then some more.

Show your man your bad girl streak by knowing:

1. Spontaneity Is Hot, Hot, Hot

A bite on his shoulder, a forceful kiss, a firm grab of the derrière – these are the kind of things that snap you out of the routine and magnify his arousal, igniting his primal side.

2. Mirrors/Video

Watching yourself having sex takes things to a whole new level of hot, especially for him. Whether you incorporate mirrors into your bedroom, or hook up the camera to your television (you don’t have to record), watching yourselves getting down and dirty can make you lose the inhibitions fast.

3. Dirty Talk

What’s the simplest way to talk dirty for those looking to get started? Ask him if he likes the way you just did that thing or whether he’s enjoying the view? Ask him slow, whisper it in his ear, or say out loud how good it feels. He’ll never have worked that hard, we guarantee it.

4. Costume Play

Crotchless panties, nipple pasties, bunny ears, sexy leotards or a sheer and skimpy negligee. Your call. Men and visual, and yours is going to be more than somewhat grateful.

5. Boss Him Around

There are over 3 billion men in this world, and to say that all of them love being dominant in bed all the time is ridiculously foolish. Take charge, hold his hands over his head and use him for your sexual pleasure. He’ll be thinking about that night for a long time to come.

6. Tell Him To Surprise You

Yes, tell. And we don’t mean ‘ask.’ Tell him that one day when you see him, you want to know just how much he needs you – physically. Tell you need to be taken, and you need it soon. But let him know that it won’t be easy, and he’ll have to playfully ‘wrestle’ you into bed.

7. Props

You don’t need to go out and buy expensive gear. Just grab his belt one night and tie his hands to the post of the bed. Proceed to have your way, oblivious to his feeble “complaints.”

8. Furniture

Say you’re in the drawing room or at the kitchen counter fiddling with your snack. You see him. You tell him, nonchalantly, that you need him now, and you can’t wait to get to the bedroom. Here and now. Let him figure out the logistics of tables, chairs and desktops while you impatiently complain and feel him up.

9. Interrupt Him

You know what’s hot? You making a nuisance of yourself while your man’s on a phone call. Kiss him, lick him, caress him and undress him while he struggles to keep focus, and let him know that you’re going to have him when you want him, and that he’s all yours at all times.

10. Don’t Go Too Fast

This one may seem counterproductive, but it’s actually quite straightforward. Take your time with his body, and if he wears a quizzical look, let him know that you’re going to be dictating the rhythm and motion for a while, and that he better get used to it.

When you do try out one or more of these and enjoy mind-blowing sex, leave a comment below specifying which one worked out best for you. Not for us, but for other “good girls” who need a slight nudge. Oh, and you’re welcome.

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