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Turn On Or Turn Off? 6 Tips How Right Bedroom Lighting Can Set The Mood

Of the many things that you can do to improve your experience in the bedroom, like getting rid of clutter, buying new sheets and airing out the place from time to time, you can also vary the lighting to achieve the perfect mood when it comes to getting down to business. And no, we are not referring to ‘sleeping.’

Lighting can play a major part when it comes to getting in the right mood. Ask why? Think about your visit to the doctor and imagine those bright white lights in your bedroom… not so sexy is it? Well, we’re here to tell you what is. Here are 6 things you have to keep in mind when it comes to lighting up your sex life, er, bedroom.

1. Soft Lighting

If no one wants to feel like they’re at the doctor’s, you’re going to need soft, diffused lighting. Not only is it the key to looking good in selfies and other pictures, it also works really well to set the mood in the bedroom. So cut out the harsher lights and opt for some soft, dim and romantic bulbs. A dimmer works well too, so you can change the amount of lighting.

2. Layered Lighting/One Isn’t Enough

The key to achieving just the right lighting when it comes to the perfect setting for lovemaking is having a number of options. When you have just one tube or bulb, then it’s either on or off, and that really isn’t helpful, is it? Having a number of options to choose from helps you achieve the right lighting no matter what mood you are in.

3. Balance

Figuring out the right balance of lighting could mean switching on one lamp in the corner of the room while having some ambient lighting that runs around the room, creating just the right amounts of shadows for you to see what you’re doing as well as get into the mood.

4. Warmer Colours

Warmer colours work best when it comes to achieving the perfect ‘sexy time’ mood, especially when compared to colder and harsher, as well as brighter colours. Bulbs are perfect for achieving this effect, especially when paired with a shade that diffuses the light.

5. Blinds/Curtains

These are the perfect companion to a lazy Sunday morning session, because there is nothing that can quite match the resplendence of sunlight. Open them up, let the light flood in if you’re feeling energetic and active, or adjust your blinds according to the different shades of lazy you feel like being that day.

6. Candles

Candles are considered romantic for a reason. The silky shadows, the moving flame, the sweet scent; all of the different elements work excellently to illuminate your faces, but not too much so as to give away the complete meaning of your gaze.

So there you have it, keep the above in mind, and you’ll have the perfect lighting for the perfect mood every single time.

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