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Types Of Love Different Relationships ?

We all know that eventually there’s that one perfect relationship and we are always on the lookout for it (if we haven’t found it already). But to get there, we find ourselves in various types of love, and out of some not-so-perfect relationships. Before I end up confusing you, see if you can identify with some from the list below.

1. Codependents

One of the most common types of love found on earth. It’s when you two just can’t handle being on your own. Your ‘love’ makes it impossible to even take a step without each other. You rely on each other like the clouds and the rain. They’re the type deep love quotes are made for.

2. Rebounds

When you’re only looking for ways to get over your ex, you get into these types of love relationships. You have no special feelings for this partner but are solely focusing on getting back at the ex by showing how well you’ve managed to move on. Or worse, you use this person to move on.

3. Controllers

Forget about being codependent! You can’t handle the other person being too independent. You both need extra importance and value in each-others’ lives so that you can have a say in every decision they make and vice versa. More often than not, these two types of love, codependency and control, are two sides of the same coin.

4. Trophy

Heard about the trophy wife thingy? Similarly, there’s a trophy relationship where you’re only interested in showing off how hot your partner is while they are busy splurging your cash totally content with the trophy tag. Not one of the types of love you can indulge in, unless you’re rich n’ famous.

5. Long Distance

When you’re fighting hard to make it work despite the miles in between. Jobs and careers might take you both on different paths but where there is love and commitment, no distance can make you fall apart.

6. Imperfects

This is one of the more interesting types of love, and comes in as the second most common relationship type. While many of us are looking for the perfect one, there are those that are completely content with being two imperfect souls together in a perfect relationship. They acknowledge their flaws but are happy ignoring them for a blissful present.

7. Supporters

This is the one that you indulge in with someone other than your romantic partner. It is often the starting of an affair and the falling out with your original partner. When things go south with the lover, you seek the supporter for warmth.

8. Complicated

No relationship is complication-free. Something or the other keeps propping up to ruin moments but you’re too clueless about knowing how to fix them. All you know is that you don’t want to let go of your lover. One of the types of love that is a subtype of the controller, the kind of love hard love quotes are made for.

9. The Age Gap

When the older one or the younger one seems too interesting to actually care about the age gap. This is when you truly understand the meaning of ‘age is just a number’. May intersect with other types of love, like trophy love.

10. Rebels

This is when you go against the society only to rebel. Having true feelings for the partner is not a necessity here. You only focus on being the one who breaks rules. The third most common of all types of love.

11. Sacrifices

This is when you’re willing to do anything to make your relationship work. You give up on your dreams, your passion and even your family to be with the one you love. Another passive version of controller love, on both sides.

12. Benefits

Or better known as friends with benefits. No emotions, no feelings, no connection – just benefits. You only approach each other when you need means to soothe your physical needs, you don’t get your emotions involved as that is the number one ground rule. But even then, there’s some love somewhere, too little to be acknowledged, too easy to count as a possibility at happiness.

13. Non-sexual

When you’ve lost interest in each other physically. You’re together for the emotions and the bond but the physical aspect does not excite you any more. It’s one of the types of love common among elderly couples and people who’ve been together for a very long time; it’s a natural result of age.

14. Non-Exclusives

This is when you’re dating but aren’t officially lovers. You’re not exclusive and are open to seeing other people too.

15. Empty

There are times when you’re together only for the sake of it. When you’re married or too committed to actually think of parting ways despite the fact that nothing is really left in between you both.

16. Infatuation

When you’re attracted to each other solely based on the power of lust. It has no intimacy or commitment, just a strong pull that makes you want to turn the world for them. Next on the list of most common types of love.

17. Fatuous

This is when there is commitment and passion but no intimacy. You’re together because you just love the idea of being together and enjoy each others’ company. You don’t look for a physical bond.

18. Negotiators

This is when the two partners strike a deal for a mutually accepted relationship. They have a lot of dos and don’ts for each other which define the graph of the relationship.

19. Toxic

This is the kind of relationship when the two are clearly wrong for each other. They drive each other mad and can’t stand each other but somehow find it impossible to come to terms with the fact that their relationship is doomed. Here’s some love questions to ask your boyfriend to know if you’re in a bad relationship. This is thee origin of many types of love that end badly.

20. Time-Pass

The relationship where you just date someone to find a companion for the time-being. You’re too bored being alone and all your buddies are committed so you go ‘What the hell, why not!’ and get on-board with the one person you think you can handle.

21. Love-Hate

This is the one where you two constantly change moods from hating each other at one point to adoring each other the next. You get on each others’ nerves but also crawl back to each other in times of need.

22. Insecure

This is when one person is an outgoing personality while the other is constantly insecure about their space in their life. They may end up being paranoid to the extent that they hound you every time you step out with your friends. As you’ve guessed, these types of love are the same as controllers, but if you don’t want to let go, here’s how to show love to your girlfriend.

23. Occasional

These are the relationships where you get together with someone only because you don’t want to be alone on a festival or occasion, say Christmas/Diwali or Valentines’ Day. It is a need-based relationship which comes to an end as soon as the need is fulfilled.

24. Friendly

When two friends decide to take the friendship to the next step and explore the relationship aspect. They focus more on being friends than being too engrossed in the romantic aspects.

25. Love

This one, of all the types of love, is what most people call the perfect relationship. It checks-out on all criteria including emotion, passion, romance, intimacy and commitment.

So these are the different types of love relationships out there which we don’t give much thought about. It’s not like people get into all these ones before finding the perfect one. Depending on the situation and various other factors, people step in and out of some relationships like the ones mentioned above. They all have their own degrees of importance and value in a person’s life but many are only short-lived. Do any of them seem familiar to you? Do write to us if you have any instances to share!


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