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What Marriage Is Like: Different Ways Men And Women See It

You consider it to be a conjugal existence where one lives under the same roof with someone called life partner facing the ups and downs of life together, while bickering once in a while on any wild topic you can grab hold of. That’s true! But the point is, marriage can mean different things for people of the opposite genders, with each having an exceptional image of the union. How many people can claim that they know what marriage is really like. For this reason, we had this thought at the back of our minds that it would be great to paint a clearer picture about what both the genders actually think about the whole marriage scene. Seven pointers each on what men and women think. Let’s take a look.

What Marriage Is Really Like For Men

1. Marriage Is Like Finding A Partner For The Household Work And Everything Else

Yes! You finally have someone to help you do the dishes while you mop the floor. After living a bachelor’s life for many years, you finally have someone to share the burden of all that gruelling household tasks. Also, you can now split the bills for the next outing(s). Eventually, you have someone to share your thoughts with and someone who can give you some useful advice too.

2. Marriage Is Like Having A Permanent GPS That Gives You ‘Directions’

There are directions for everything from how should you fold the trousers to the type of doormat for the main door. It is like having your phone GPS turned to maximum volume, and having it repeat the same thing even when you are going the right way. Life is now a one way call where you do not seem to have the disconnect button.

3. What Marriage Is Really Like? Having A Personal Eye Candy

Congratulations! You now have your very own girl to ogle without getting red-faced. You can pass your judgements and make your very own pet comments on how she looks without risking losing her. Yes, things may fade out a bit, but as long as you know how to maintain the spark, you can go as far as you want. Remember not to say ‘Fat’.

4. Marriage Is About Quarrelling 99% Time While 100% Agreeing Just Once

Disagreement is the second name of marriage. You disagree on everything, and finally when you feel you have nothing much in common, you agree on that one obscure point. That’s a rare instance but an absolute moment of bliss that you often keep waiting for with fingers crossed.

5. Marriage Is Having A Counsellor And Emotional Support At Home

Imagine going back home after a bad day and being treated to a first-class lecture on life and its hardships. A few moments through it and you already have the might to face another day. That is the magic of marriage, all thanks to your pretty lady.

6. Marriage Is Being Reminded Of Reminders That You Were Already Reminded About

You are reminded about everything. Reminded of bringing the groceries tonight to leaving a piece of cake for her. Even personal voice assistants in phones use discretion but in marriage you can be expected to be reminded even the middle of a make or break board meeting.

7. Marriage Is About Not Doing It Alone!

Now you really know what it is like to go into the sheets. You have fantasised about it for long, even played it solo most probably, but now it is finally that moment of bliss. All hail marriage!

What Marriage Is Really Like For Women

1. Marriage Is Finding Someone You Can Date Without Worrying About Losing Him

No more worrying what will he think of your messy curls. No longer recollecting when you last waxed because you have a date night. He is yours to keep, and he has to take you the way you are, forever.

2. Marriage Is Finding The Partner For Your Desires

So you always wanted that Gucci bag or go scuba diving but wished someone could chip-in? Hubby dearest to the rescue! No loan needed, just ask for some ‘assistance’ with a cute face, and he will cave in. Say ‘thank you,’ and some genuine words of appreciation, and he will never use it as a trump card in some future argument.

3. Marriage Is Finding An In-House Plumber, Carpenter And What Not

Worrying about leaking pipes and squeaky chairs is the thing of the past; something which you fretted over at your parent’s home. Now you have your very own multitasking helping hand who can wear any cap according to the situation. Perhaps even cook you a thing or two when you are in no mood of entering the kitchen.

4. Marriage Is Frustration Of Repeating The Same Thing Again And Again

It’s like he has some invisible ear plugs on, and even if goes pass through, it slips out of his slippery mind. Irrespective of all the explanation you give him, he still has to do things his way eventually making you feel invisible yourself.

5. Marriage Is Waiting For A Reply For A Message You Sent Hours Ago

Leaving him notes and sending him a text message is the last resort but either he was ‘not wearing glasses’ or ‘the phone was off.’ Try reasoning about it with him and you will be back to point number 4.

6. Marriage Is Like Having Someone Who Can Fuel You Maternal Desires

If you get to be the Mummy then he has to be the Daddy. Together, you get to raise a beautiful family and that experience can be exhausting but still leaves you with a sweet smile and tons of happy memories. That is the phase that changes you both the most, for the best indeed.

7. Marriage Is Having That Shoulder You Can Always Lean On

There is someone waiting for you back home, and when you return from work you have his shoulder to lean on and reflect on the day’s events. The best part is dozing off together on the recliner talking about those worldly things. Cute isn’t it? That’s what marriage is really like.

But At The End Of The Day What Marriage Is Really Like:

Marriage is eventually all about sharing your life’s journey with one single person till you leave for your heavenly abode. It is about irritating the same person for decades but still making it a point to sleep in the same bed. It is about expanding your family, growing grey hair, and then sitting back and reflecting on your journey so far. Signing-off on that romantic note. Happy mushy thoughts!

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