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Where One Story Ends Love Begins (Sexy Short Stories)

Where One Story Ends Love Begins (Sexy Short Stories)

Chloe stared at the amber liquid in the glass in front of her. Instead, all she wanted was to forget, and for that, the alcohol was her friend.

Her husband of ten years was an asshole.

Maybe their relationship wasn`t perfect, but it was love. At least Chloe thought it was love.

Karen the busty bank teller was doing a lot more than depositing John`s checks. It sucked that Wisconsin Bank & Trust was the only bank in town, now Chloe was going to have to drive 15 miles to get to Waterford every time she wanted to go to the bank.

She had gotten home early because she wasn`t feeling well at the dental office. Chloe had never taken any time off or left work early, but today she just didn`t feel well. She never thought going home would make her feel worse. But it`s not every day your bank teller is making a personal delivery, riding your husband.

Vile slipped up her throat. That`s what sucked about a small town. Everyone would know her husband cheated on her with Karen from the bank. The same pity eyes everyone in town gave her when her mom passed away at sixteen and she had to scrape by on her own. With a father that ran out when she was six, Chloe had only had herself. She loved her job, but those other dental hygenist girls would gossip about her failed marriage and she`d have to listen. Hear the whispers about her broken-down love life.

Eventually, those small-town whispers would subside and John and bank teller Karen would get the brunt of it.

Chloe was so oblivious to Karen and John she didn`t even know anyone else was in the house until she walked into the bedroom. Karen on top, both buck naked groaning like monkeys. Chloe`s mouth fell open as she screamed.

Chloe backed out of the room unsure of what to do. John chased down after her. I didn`t want you to find out like this.” John yelled, still buck naked.

He hadn`t wanted her to find out like this? That ignited an anger in Chloe. “How long has this been going on?”

He hung his head, “Six months.”

“In our bed! No wonder you haven`t been taking on as many jobs these last few months, you had to make time to stick your dick in other people`s shit!”

Chloe stood in front of their front door her hands in fists, angry. Angry at herself for not noticing, for SIX MONTHS. We don`t have that passion…”

Chloe cut him off, “That you and Karen CLEARLY SHARE. I don`t want you here.”

Chloe grabbed her purse ran outside and hopped in the car. Six months was all it took for John to fall into love with bank teller Karen. Six months of sleeping with another woman in their bed while she was at work. There was that vile in her throat again.

Her husband John was a general contractor who had a hefty flow of business in different cities. He`d come into the dental office on her second day of work.

John had always been her rock. John was perpetually tan and rugged from all his hard labor and outdoor work. He might not have been handsome but he had been good to Chloe. He was safe and stable, something Chloe had always craved.

Chloe was starting to realize a relationship needed a lot more than stability and safety to be successful.

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