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You're An Instagram Husband If You Answer Yes To These 11 Questions

We all know the role a muse can play in the creative awakening of a budding artist. However, this post isn’t about that, it’s about an excellent video doing the rounds that perfectly captures the lives of husbands who support their wives’ instagram obsession.

To be clear, the husbands who fit this description don’t have an easy time. For every photo opportunity you have to be the one who’s ready, camera in hand, to click just the right photo. Oh, and god help you if you thought that the right photo consisted of only one or two snaps – you better be holding that camera button down.

Here’s a list of 13 things, of which if you’ve done the majority, you’re an instagram husband:

  1. All the images on your wife’s Instagram account were clicked by you.

  2. The number of photos you click of your wife exceeds the total number of all the other photos you’ve ever clicked.

  3. You face the ire of your wife if you happen to step out with a low battery…

  4. …Or if your apps don’t leave enough place for plenty of pics.

  5. You find yourself standing camera hand outstretched in precarious positions at least once every day.

  6. You’re asked to comment on pictures asap – even if you’re at work.

  7. You scour the internet looking for the perfect selfie stick that might be able to replace you.

  8. You encourage your wife not to dress up too much for your evening walk together for fear of the 20 minute photoshoot that will precede the 10 minute walk.

  9. You secretly wish all the Instagram servers would spontaneously catch on fire.

  10. You know your smiling fake-sleeping wife’s smile will turn into a frown if you don’t get the right angle.

  11. You’re allergic to the word selfie.

If you find yourself doing any more than 7 of the above, we suggest the camera on the Iphone 6+, the lens is supposed to be quite good.


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