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10 Cutesy Romantic Love SMS

It is an era of instant communication, and while the avenues are aplenty to pour your heart out to your sweetheart, there is a certain thrill in being succinct. It is perhaps the cuteness of being concise; saying it all with too little. Guess that’s the reason the good ol’ SMS seems to have never gone out of fad. If expressing love in 160 characters is your kind of thing then you are in for a treat. Presenting to you a list of 44 outright romantic love SMS to cheer someone special today.


send this romantic love sms to your beloved on a rainy day, when you’re far away to tell them how your conversations are endless. A nice one to share, don’t you think so?


How about this for a cute good night text on a starlit night? Works well as a last message you send before you go to bed.


Sometimes, when you want to tell them how you feel and a simple ‘I love you’ isn’t enough to show how their smile makes your day, let them know how much they mean to you with this romantic love sms.


For all those times when he compliments you on how beautiful your smile is, don’t just send a blush emoji. Instead send him this SMS/picture in return. And of course a picture of you smiling too.


For all those times that he does something amazing for you and you can’t help but be grateful for having him in your life, send him this short message to let him know just how lucky you feel.


When your life looks like one big mess and you can’t seem to handle it, she steps in and cleans it up like it’s the easiest thing to do, putting your heart at peace. Here’s a heart felt romantic love sms to show her that you value her.


Send this to her as a promise card to tell her that you love her and would never make her cry. She’s sure to find it a beautiful gesture and maybe she’ll love you just a little bit more!?


There are different ways to commit to someone that aren’t as scary or direct. For example, this message which is super cute and expresses just the right thought. Send it to them and step up your cutesy-game.


For all those times when you’re far away and craving a hug. Whether it’s a long distance relationship or you’re simply stuck in the traffic, send this cute romantic love sms and have them fall in love with you again.


If you’ve had a fight and wish to patch up, this is probably a very dainty way of doing it. Just send them this confessional message and watch as their anger melts away.


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