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Ways To Get Your Man To Chase You Again

There can be several reasons why you feel that it should only be you that your guy should always be thinking about. Any why not? It is but natural. And there are plenty of ways to achieve those ends. But if you’ve got anything that is a semblance of a serious relationship, you’re not going to want to do things like only wear lingerie around him or threaten to dump him, ignore him for periods of time, etc. That will lead to a sour and unpleasant end, though it might keep you on his mind.

If you want to keep yourself on your man’s mind and have him thinking about you all the time

(including thoughts of the more risqué nature), as well as keep him in your life over the long term, this is what you need to do:

1. Dress Up

It takes more effort into getting dressed than staying in your PJs, but it’s definitely something that will stick in your man’s mind!

2. No Prying Eyes

Waxing your upper lip needs to still be done away from his eyes. Getting too comfortable around him will take the edge off the relationship, not in a good way either.

3. Look Sexy, Stay Sexy

You don’t have to rock high heels all the time, but ensure to keep yourself looking great all the time, this will ensure every picture of you he can imagine or look at looks great.

4. Hit The Gym

No need to look like a supermodel or an Olympic swimmer. Just accentuate your curves and get the right degree of tone. It just takes everything to the next level. It’s also a golden solution if you’re wondering how to save a relationship.

5. Let Him Know You’re Desirable To Others

Don’t brag, don’t boast, don’t encourage… but don’t be afraid of him finding out how much of a catch other people think you are.

6. Reserve A Naughty Side For Him

While others are busy falling for you when you’re out socializing, make sure that you save an extra gear for him that makes you even more sexy in the bedroom. He’ll know he’s the only one getting that, and he’ll want it every time he looks at you.

7. Brush Him Off Occasionally

A little temperamental brushing off goes a long way in keeping things sexy between the two of you. Brush him off and coolly go about your day – it will drive him wild with desire.

8. Shake Off The Rust

Go see your friends without him, make plans for a girls’ night out of the town, go watch a movie, nurture a hobby. Showing him that you have a life outside and around him will make you all the more desirable and interesting, and that is very sexy indeed.

9. Indulge Him In Bed

I don’t know if a good sex life is indeed more important to men or whether it’s the same with women, but I do know it’s pretty damn important to both. So keep things fresh and interesting in the bedroom. Indulge him, take control, tease, go fast, go slow. Push limits and explore boundaries. Keep him coming back.


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