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10 Effective Love Messages For Her: Say It Well!

If you are a guy who is not into instant messaging and love the good old charm of the 160 character SMS, then we have the best `love sms for girlfriend` collection, 10 texts that will help you express your love to her.

1.) This is the classic text love message for her that will get you into her good books. There’s nothing quite as endearing as a good old fashioned “you’re on my mind.”

2.) If you’ve been going steady, and she’s climbed right up your list of priorities and made her way into future plans, let her know just that with this simple love message for her.

3.) Out of the blue it reads a bit, well, out of the blue. After a long conversation or enjoyable time spent together, this message is a very good way to end the night.

4.) Often, we do feel this wonderful feeling, and we ought to share it with the person who made it all come about.

5.) My love for you is ever growing is a pretty darn nice thing to say to someone, and you can bet they’ll love you all the more for it.

6.) Starts off arrogant, ends perfectly sweetly, a cute love message for her. A most interesting way to compliment someone, and to make sure you too get a most interesting reply.

7.) Like one of those epiphanies that come to you when you’re wandering but not lonely.

8.) Your girl will love you talking about her featuring in your dreams. And it’s not like it doesn’t happen too.

9.) This is perhaps for the more mature couple, but the sentiment is every bit as sweet, if not more so, than most messages here. This isn’t an offhand remark; it’s an attempt to communicate everything she means to you in one text love message for her.

10.) Was she over last week bearing gifts and kisses? Was that the best thing to happen to you in the last few months, since her last visit? Let her know what it meant to you!


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