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10 Laugh Out Loud Funny Love Quotes To Tickle Your Fancy

Sometimes, love can be, well, funny! And the myriad of brilliant quotes on love, even more so. Check out some of these timeless musings on that oh-so-special feeling. It’s nice to see that which dictates our lives has been driving artistic geniuses to show off their creative sides, and these 10 Best funny love quotes do tickle our funny bones quite a bit!


Kathy Mohnke seems to have a way with words and a keen understanding of how marriages work, what with her funny love quotes, because that sort of description seems to be spot on, even if our diets aren’t.


It’s like a sweet sweet torture, and we love the fact that there’s a drudgery-like, routine status attached to it.


This isn’t specific to Clarke’s funny love quotes either, nor to purely romantic love. For example, ask any mother about her son.


This is one of those things that, like housework, seems to be a point of contention between the male and female psyches. Try it once, however, and the other side seems to change their mind about the whole thing – one way or another.


Actually, Mr. Lewis, while that might have been the case in your time, we’ll have you know that the national average for staying in love is a whole week now, thank you!


Socrates, apart from his brilliant intelligence, also had a keen sense of wit, that for some reason, seemed to go unappreciated by his wife.


We’re not sure about how others go about it, but we’re usually likely to have the odd onion salad once we’ve put a ring on it, and all that. You know how it is with funny love quotes and that even funnier feeling called love.


But that’s what makes it so interesting and mysterious, romantics and optimists and funny love quotes seem to say, choosing to ignore the pile of burnt-out souls that litter the streets. But who are we kidding? Even if all of the world’s poets and philosophers were to dissuade us, from love, we’d all find out we’re all rebel optimists on the inside too.


Or bike. Or football, or food, or most anything basically. Except his phone battery, data plan and Facebook, of course.


Ever the romantic, Norm Crosby has a style that seems to get the message out loud and clear. Just like, you know, this fine example of funny love quotes.


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