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10 Love Birthday Messages To Wish That Special Someone

Birthdays are special, who wouldn’t agree? It is a day of gifts, greetings and give-aways from people who are close to us and who matter. It becomes even more special when the person whose birthday you are celebrating happens to be the one closest to your heart i.e. your soul-mate or love interest. If that is the case, you absolutely have no excuse to forget a birthday greeting.


A good one to start the love birthday messages list with. Talks about the flames of passion. Definitely one you should send if you both are passionately in love with each other.


A nice love birthday message to share when you are unable to attend a special someone’s birthday yet would like to shower your wishes from the bottom of your heart.


An awesome message to share at the beginning of the birthday bash.


A combo of love message and a birthday greeting for the most special person in your life.


Your partner has always meant everything to you, and although you keep making subtle expressions of your appreciation, birthday is a great day to make it outright explicit.


Growing old together is one of the best part of loving someone for a lifetime. It is a feeling that brings satisfaction, happiness and ecstasy. If this has always been your idea of love, then open-up your heart and share it your feelings with your beloved on his/her birthday.


Sweet and adorable in a charming way. If short love birthday messages are your kind of thing then this is a love birthday message that you should use.


Looking for some excuse to share some romantic words with your better half? Then seize the opportunity on his/her birthday to express your love in the guise of a birthday wish.


Some adorable words that you can write on the tag of your birthday present.


This message packs a certain tone of sincerity that works great to share with someone who holds a special place in your life and heart.


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