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10 Love Me Or Hate Me Quotes That SCREAM Attitude!

‘Love’ and ‘hate’ are considered to be the two opposite sides of the coin. In life, there are going to be people who hate you, and people who love you; but the important point to bear in mind is that it really doesn’t what people feel for you or about you. Surprised? Well, you cannot control how people feel about you, right? But what you can control is your own attitude. A positive attitude makes you realize that whether people love or hate you, it does not affect your life. In fact, you should be happy that no matter how people feel about you, they can’t get you out of their mind.


Whether someone loves or hates you, the fact remains that you are constantly on their mind. Anyway, they can’t stop thinking about you. So enjoy the attention, and the rest of this love me or hate me quotes, all dedicated to your fabulous self!


nesty can sometimes turn people against you. But the truth is no matter for how long they hate you for being real, in the end they will appreciate it.


Don’t stop being you just because someone does not appreciate it. How people react to your words and actions is their problem, not yours… be you! Even if it takes waking up every morning and read really selfish love me or hate me quotes out loud to yourself, first thing.


Now that’s an attitude each one of us needs to have. Don’t change yourself for people and don’t let others change you, whether its about posting love me or hate me quotes or that scary orange


Each one of us has the capacity to shine and be the best version of ourselves. Whether people around you accept it or not, don’t let anyone dim your sparkle.


How you or your life turns out is not dependent on what people around you think of you. Your success and your good fortune is in your hands alone. This is the running theme of a lot if love me or hate me quotes.


It might come off as being cocky but believe me this quote is all about positive attitude. Being on people’s mind one way or the other shows how you affect their lives and not vice versa.


Believe in who you are! People who are worth being in your life will appreciate you just as you are. Just because someone has a preconceived idea of how you should be, must not make a difference to you.


It’s unfortunate how many people make the mistake of trying to change someone; love me or hate me quotes, all kinds of other love quotes, lyrics, fiction and art talk about this too. If you truly love someone, you will accept them with all the flaws and let them stay awesome, wouldn’t you?

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