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10 Shortcuts: How To Get A Guy To Notice You In 7 Days

It is difficult to keep love in place. Once you fall, it is one long free fall in this thing called love. When it starts of as a crush you are left with spending your time trying to not blush too much, or giggle away like a school girl. Trying to get a guy to notice you without being too obvious is an art, where you must be composed and suave. Here are 10 ways you can get your guy to notice you, in a week.

1. Love Yourself

This is key, and also a given. If you love what you are, irrespective of ‘nerd’ or ‘weirdo’ or whatever labels people may want to give you, then you are just more attractive than someone who cannot accept themselves. So whatever you are, own it with love.

2. Fun Is Where You Are

Make sure you have fun wherever you go, and that is what the guy sees in you. This not only keeps him off your obsessive mind, but also makes him associate you with fun in the long-run. Just smile, laugh out loud, be yourself, and have lots of fun!

3. Dress To Impress

There is no harm if you dress to impress, when you do it for the appropriate occasions in suitable style. Put on a little colour on your lips, or do your eyes from time to time. It not only makes you look good, it makes you feel good and confident too, a necessary prerequisite if you want a man to notice you.

4. Fragrance And Pheromones

Studies show that pheromones are a determining factor for creatures in choosing their partners, and humans are no exception. Choose a suave, yet lingering perfume for yourself, something which is appreciated by your guy, and tunes him to your presence, leaving him wanting you even when you have gone leaving your scent behind.

5. Eye Contact And Smile

If you have many encounters with your guy, especially in a group of friends, take a subtle pause to make eye contact with him and give him a smile. It is unbelievable magic what your eyes can do for you, teaming with your smile.

6. Walk Of Love

Take a walk with him when it is possible. Walk up to the bus stop, or along the park. Walks have accomplished a lot for love.

7. Approachable Body Language

Make sure you have an approachable body language, which makes you more welcoming than just his friends. He should find it comfortable in conversations with you, and find himself freer than with his other peers.

8. Spend Time On Common Interests

Find common interests with him: a great excuse to spend more time together, making the time more fulfilling in his experience.

9. Show Off Your Talents, Girl!

There is no harm in showing off your talents to a man you want to take notice of you. You maybe a singer, or a fabulous bass guitarist or can do somersaults like a gymnast. If the moment calls for it, do your thing and impress your guy.

10. Be Positive And Engaging

One very important thing to make a guy notice you is by being positive. Positive people are very hard to find: even if it is a state one chooses to be, it is the choice that is harder than just being so. Don’t take it so hard, and just be positive and engaging, two very attractive qualities in people, and he will definitely follow your trail.


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