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10 Tips On How To Express Love To The One You LOVE

Expressing love for one’s partner can be done in many ways. We’ve compiled 50 of the unique, thoughtful and caring ways to help you figure out how to express love, so that you can tell your partner that you love them.

1. Say I Love You

How to express love? The simplest way to let someone know you love them is to actually say those three words to their face (preferably). You can email, Facebook, WhatsApp as well – but nothing like holding their hands, and gazing in their eyes and then uttering the three words that will move their heart and soul.

2. Mix It Up With Words

You don’t only have to stick “I love you” to get the job done. Saying “I’m really happy to have you in my life” works a treat and so does any variation that you can think of that says the same thing – “Thank you for always having my back” is another such example.

3. Tell Them They’re Important

Everybody likes being appreciated and one of the ways to achieve the same is to tell your love how much you need them in your life. Whether it’s the fact that they’re an amazing mom or dad, that they put food on the table or provided much needed emotional solace… nothing says I love you like “I need you” or ” I really appreciate it when you…”, or “knowing you gives me courage” better.

4. Actions > Words

The easiest way to know how to express love. Saying one thing and then doing the opposite isn’t really sending the right message across. In fact, they’re never going to believe a word you say if your actions don’t back them up – so make sure if you say “I love you” that your actions don’t give away an opposing sentiment.

5. Be Open

Being a closed book isn’t going to endear you to your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend. In fact, the more open you are the better it is for a feeling of intimacy to develop between the two of you. The tone of your voice or the specifics in your answers and questions gives away how much… you’re willing to give away.

6. Being Vulnerable Is Okay

If opening up to your love is a scary prospect because there’s a change of getting hurt, then so be it. You can not have intimacy and love without being open and vulnerable, that’s all part and parcel of the deal. Think of it this way: You may get hurt but you may also end up sharing a deep bond.

7. Ask For Advice

Asking your partner for advice (even if you don’t choose to fully or otherwise at all implement it) is a good way to endear yourself to your partner because it makes them feel involved in your life – which is an important factor when it comes to love and expressing it.

8. Physical Touches And Caresses

Touch can soothe all sorts of quibbles, just think of the times you have hugged when the other person is stressed and quarreling about something insignificant. A stroke of the hair, a squeeze of the shoulder, a grab of the arm, all of it goes a long way in letting your love know you love them.

9. No Pretending To Listen Anymore

When you listen to partner you have to really listen – that’s the only way the conversation will keep flowing and you’ll have things to say. And that’s what builds connections, and lets you understand how to express love – having someone who is willing to listen to all of the drivel that you have to say, and not judge you for it (or at least do it in their heads.)


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