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15 Rules Of Love To Have A Blissful Relationship

The principle of anything working or “ticking” in the world is dependent on the rules you follow. Whether it’s your schooling, your job, your retirement plans, friendship or love – there are always some things to be kept in mind. But you should not be worried! You have us to guide you through on days when nothing seems to be clear. So here are some of the basic rules of love that you must always remember to make your relationship work.

1. Learn To Be Happy Alone

YES! Even though it might sound quite contradictory to the issue of being in love, it is actually quite an important aspect to be kept in mind; in fact it’s number one on the rules of love. A person will only truly be happy in a relationship when they are comfortable and happy being alone. Otherwise you never know, you might just be in the relationship because you’re too uncomfortable being alone and not because it makes you happy.

2. Be The Laughter God

Okay, not quite literally, but yes, try to make your partner laugh as much. A happy couple is one that laughs together and a lot and not one that only lives the mundane life to get through the day. If you’re a guy then here’s a tip for you – girls love guys who can make them laugh. And if you’re a girl – guys love a girl who can make them laugh when they need a laugh; and who also laughs at their jokes.

3. Accept That You’re Two Different Individuals

No two people are exactly the same. We all have our own likes and dislikes and thus disagreements are bound to happen. So accept the differences; as rules of love go, this rule/fact/truth is gold. But also search for the common factors. Learn to be happy with what you have in common rather than sulking over what is different.

4. There Is a Difference Between Being Authoritative And Dominating

An authoritative person is one who knows what they want and how to get it. A dominating person is someone who forces his choices on others. Don’t be dominating. Let your partner choose their own preferences. You’re their lover, not their dictator. Yes, rules reek of dictatorships, but with rules of love comes the acceptance that the rules exist to protect, for a good reason.

5. Don’t Dig up the Past

Past is called that for a reason. The reason it is all in the past is because it didn’t work out. Now there is no need to dig it up and try to find out about their exes. People who dig up graves create problems in their present relationships.

6. Manipulation is a Big NO

When someone loves you, they’ll automatically see what’s best for you; that’s a big part of the rules of love. (If that’s no the case, then check out this link, coz that’s a very bad thing, yeah?) So, you don’t have to manipulate them into doing what you want them to do. If you continue doing it then you’ll soon lose their trust too.

7. There’s No Reason To Be Paranoid

Paranoia often makes people do things that are wrong on so many levels. If you’re in love and you know they love you back then just let them be. Don’t get paranoid over the small little things they do. Otherwise it might be a sure shot way of driving them away, rules of love be damned.

8. Accept And Embrace The Space

Every couple needs some space in between. If you’re both too clingy or even if either one of you is clingy, sooner or later, one of you will grow out of it because everyone needs their breathing space where they can just breathe and relax.

9. Don’t Sleep on a Fght

Okay no, seriously, forget everything else. This is the most important one. If you fight, then sort it out before going to bed. Sleeping on it will not make it any better. You’ll just wake up the next morning in a foul mood and the fight will continue the next day too, or worse still, the times you done that start to form this giant distance, (not general space), and you’d not even know how it got to that. So no matter how big the fight is, find a solution before going to bed.

10. Know the Difference Between Listening and Hearing

We hear a lot of noises during the day but only when we understand them does it count as listening. Listen first before reacting, the first rule of communication, rules of love or not. Sometimes we tend to react based on half-cooked stories and that leads to utter chaos. So listen to the whole thing first before you choose to react.

11. Accept Criticism

Just because someone is criticizing you doesn’t make them a bad person or you a smaller person. People who love us and who we love will always have the right to offer criticism; and those two emotional exchanges don’t exist co-dependently, so this rule of love needs a pinch of salt. It is our responsibility to understand what was the issues or what wrong they see in us and act accordingly.

12. Compliment One Another

Rules of love or not, a compliment or two never hurt anyone. If anything, they make your life rosier and more beautiful. Our daily lifestyle often keeps us at the receiving end of a lot of negative energy and thus one or two compliments from the one you love turn out to be the highlight of your day.

13. Maintain Mystery

Never be too open about everything. Keep some level of mystery so that it keeps the spark alive. Once you feel like you know someone completely, there may be a chance for boredom to creep in.

14. Be the one Who Cheers People Up

As people, we often have the tendency to download our emotions on others. That can sometimes take a toll on the relationship as people already have their own burden to take care of. So follow our rules of love, and instead of downloading your emotions and frustration, try uplifting their spirits. Make a conscious effort.

15. Be Dependable

As a couple, you need to be able to depend on each other with closed eyes. You need to be able to share your secrets with the confidence of it never reaching a third person.

Like we said earlier, love comes with its own baggage of dos and don’ts because let’s face it, no relationship is perfect. You have to work hard to make it work. Try and follow these 15 basic rules of love and know that you’ll have a blissful relationship.


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