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17 Steps How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Again

There could be various reasons why you may have broken-up with someone you once loved dearly. But when it comes to wanting to know how how to make someone fall in love with you again, then the reasons are simple – you miss that person and seek their company once again. To make someone fall in love with you again is perhaps one of the most challenging things to do. In spite of that, if the right steps are followed one can definitely accomplish this arduous task.

17 Steps On How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Again:

Step 1: Understand What Went Wrong

If you want to know how to make someone fall in love with you again, then you need to start with logic. You will be not be seeking someone’s love again if you have never broken-up with that individual. Something went wrong, and you had to walk away taking different paths. Since there was a discord in your relationship, you need to first invest time in understanding what went wrong. This is candid love advice. What were the reasons? What lead to them? It is only once you have clear cognizance of these points that you can start working on re-igniting that spark of love. Otherwise you would end up in a far worse situation than the last time.

Step 2: Figure Out Why You Want That Person Again

You need to be absolutely clear why you want to know how to make someone fall in love with you again. You need to have a list of coherent reasons that should be convincing enough for you to initiate things once again. It is also a good time to re-analyse why you fell for that person in the first place, and why did he/she love you. If you were together just because you found each other physically attractive then you can ditch the idea of falling in love again. The same goes for other petty reasons like ego. But if it is something about how that person made you feel, or it’s that partnership you miss, then you can go ahead with your pursuit to make that person fall in love with you again.

Step 3: Find Out If The Person Is Available

Once you have all your reasons ready, find out if your EX is available. You don’t want to end up looking foolish when you approach him/her. You can do this by digging out some information by checking with some common friends. Remember, you need to be as discreet as possible, since you would not like that person know about your intentions yet.

Step 4: Prepare Yourself Well

Preparation is key of your want to know how to make someone fall in love with you again. If that individual is available then begin your preparation for making him/her fall in love with you again. Bring all the changes in your life, personality and lifestyle that will entice him/her. Maintain a mental note of all the things about you that person disliked or found unappealing. Make it a point to not do those things even involuntarily in front of that person.

Step 5: Initiate Contact

Once you are all set, find the right time and medium to communicate with that person. Since you had known that person in the past, you can make a calculated guess of when that person is most likely to be free. Make it a point that your first communication is through a message only. Never call the person since that person might be taken aback but your sudden interest in him/her. Even if it’s an ex wife, a love letter to wife is not a good idea. Drop a message, preferably on a day where you can have an excuse to send a message, like his/her birthday. If you receive a reply, make sure you sound neutral. If that person calls you, speak in a calm tone. Once you feel that the person seems comfortable enough, you can begin communicating through phone. The time taken from this step to the next can be quite long, so have patience.

Step 6: Meet Up At A Fresh Place

The objective of the previous step was to rekindle friendship. But your end goal is to have a relationship with that person again, and for that you will have to meet that person and understand how to make someone fall in love with you again, that specific someone. Do not rush into inviting that person for a meeting. Once you feel the time is absolutely right, you can invite that person for a meeting but not at any of the places you went to in the past. Rather visit a new place. That way you will avoid the possibility of invoking any bitter memories from the past and at the same time you make things comfortable for yourself and the other person too.

Step 7: Follow-Up

A single meeting is not going to take you very far, so you should maintain that perseverance and ask that person out again. Make sure you maintain decent time distance between your outings. Every weekend will get too much and once is a month is too little. Keep it alternative weekend. That way you will give some breathing space to each other and at the same time make him/her look forward to meeting you.

Step 8: Make Casual References Of Past Happy Memories

It is from this point onwards that you should start unleashing your mojo and use all your skills to you’ve got on how to make someone fall in love with you again. Keep conversations neutral in the first meeting but at the same time try making some subtle references about happy experiences together. Perhaps you can share how you found the menu at ‘that’ restaurant very pathetic and how you had to settle in for instant noodles. By doing this, you will also be giving out discreet signals of your interest in reigniting your relationship.

Step 9: Put Your Best Version Forward

How to make someone fall in love with you again? Pull out the best of you and present it to that person. Wear your best clothes when you go out to meet that person. Be everything that the person loved about you, and be everything that he/she expected you to be. That person is surely going to notice that and it might just work in your favour. It’s not just about how fast can a person fall in love, it’s about how stable a person you can be when you’re giving your best always.

Step 10: Be Bold And Independent

While you display the best of you, make it a point that you maintain your resilience and self-identity. You have to show that person that you are someone who can live his/her life alone without having to lean on someone’s shoulder. Your resolute nature is definitely going to attract that person, and he/she may soon start admiring you. And as we all know, it takes very little effort to transform admiration into passionate love!

Step 11: Ask That Person For Help Or Opinion

It is a good thing to be independent but at the same time you should communicate the point that you need that person in your life. The best way to get the point across without ever saying it is by asking for help or opinion. Drop a casual message asking him/her for an opinion pertaining to some purchase you are making. On your next outing, ask what he/she thinks you should try from the menu. Giving importance to someone is one of the excellent ways to make that person feel appreciated. And once you have made someone feel that way, you are half way through how to make someone fall in love with you again.

Step 12: Do Things That Entice

In other words, flirt with that person. Gently tap him on his shoulder the next time you want to beckon him. Lean towards her the next time she is talking to you. Showing some flirtatious signs of bonhomie is a great way to attract that person towards you. Guess by this step the person would have developed a fair idea that you are interested in having a relationship again.

Step 13: Show That You Care

Do things that will make the other person feel and eventually realise that you truly care for him/her. She does not have a winter jacket? Lend her yours. He needs some help in baking? Help him out. Caring for someone is perhaps the best way of indicating that you love that individual. By this step, you would have truly made all the subtle gestures that would have made him develop a soft corner for you in his/her once again. Knowing how to make someone fall in love with you again is also about you still being that one person who cares more than the rest.

Step 14: Express Your Interest To Rekindle Your Love

If you don’t see any signs of your EX talking about working on a relationship again, then you take the initiative. It may seem a bit awkward but you have done everything by this point to delicately share across the point that you love him/her.

Step 15: In Case Of Rejection Continue To Be Friends

Remember, in spite of all the effort you put in, it can be that the person has not exactly fallen in love with you again. In case your EX rejects the idea of being together again, do not get agitated. Instead, calmly ask him/her the reason. In case he/she points out certain mistakes you did in the past or certain genuine flaws (like bad habits) then promise you will rectify them. Remember, it is you who would like to have that person in your life and not vice versa. In case that individual still remains adamant, do not force that person nor list down everything you did to have that person again in your life. Instead, offer to be friends since you may have spent ample time together by now. It is quite likely that person would accept that and you can work on it once again later. But in case that person breaks off, do not feel upset. Working out how to make someone fall in love with you again is not an easy thing, and you gave it your best shot after all. Be happy that you tried, and don’t let it ruin who you are, ever.

Step 16: Accept Your Mistakes And Show You Have Changed

If your beloved accepts the proposal then hurray! You have succeeded. Now it is all about being everything that you should not have never been during your first fling together. Improve upon yourself and promise you will be a better person (like said in Step 15). You have to give your best this time since you may never get a third chance or the option of ‘how to make someone fall in love with you again’.

Step 17: Be Positive And Start Afresh

Start afresh. Remember to make it a point to never point anything from the first fling together. It will eventually lead you down the same path like first one. Instead, treat it like a new relationship and give it your undivided attention and commitment.

We are pretty positive that the above mentioned 17 steps on how to make someone fall in love with you again can help you make someone fall in love with you once again. Do give them a try. All the best!


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