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30 Love Tips To Add Some Zing To Your Relationship

There are few things that match the sensation of bliss one experiences when one falls in love. We all know those stages of love – first the butterflies in your stomach, followed by some nervousness and then that ecstatic moment when you find that perfect soul mate. But no matter what stage it is, love requires some buffing once in a while to improve its appeal and bring that charm into the relationship, don’t you think so? For that, we bring ‘love tips’ which we are pretty sure will play some part in adding some zing to your relationship.

1. Be open minded.

This is the most important of all love tips. Always learn to accept the qualities of your partner. You might see just one facet of that person’s personality, but see beyond that to learn more about that person.

2. Maintain some mystery.

This works well especially when you are dating someone. Resist that temptation of narrating your entire life story to that person you just met, who seems the one for you. Keeping some things under wraps is a good way of generating curiosity.

3. Be honest to each other.

If you have some flaws and shortcomings then do share them. Being frank about yourself can also help create a positive image of yourself in the mind of your partner.

4. Be a good listener.

Make it a point that you spend time listening to what you partner has to share. Having open ears always helps in showing that you have a caring nature.

5. Don’t pretend to be something you are not.

When you are on a date, you might have that feeling that if you reveal all the quirky attributes about yourself, you might turn someone away. But it will be more disheartening to that person in the long run if the truth is revealed later at some point in your relationship. So it is always best to be yourself.

6. Put the devices away.

Quite a relevant love advice in modern times. If you are someone who would always have one eye on their mobile phone, then you would definitely have a hard time in reinforcing your love in the relationship.

7. Invest sincere effort in the relationship.

Maintaining the sanity and stability of the relationship is not the responsibility of just one person. If you are expecting your partner to do something or be something then make sure you are doing the same as well.

8. Spend ample time together.

Dedicate a fixed amount of time every week to spend time with each other. There is no point in complaining how boring your relationship is when you have not spent ample time to nurture it.

9. Communicate openly.

Golden love tips like this one, are what will determine how long you two stay together. Don’t leave communication to subtle innuendos. Make sure you communicate freely and also have an open mind towards your partner’s thoughts and also communicate yours.

10. Compliment your partner.

It is always not necessary to have love talk all the time but it is good to express your affection once in a while. Even a simple compliment is enough to communicate your love towards the person.

11. Avoid baggage talk.

If you spend most of the time comparing that person with your ex or use your ex as a benchmark, then your relationship is surely going to go downhill. Make sure you put what is in the past, in the past, and focus on what you have right now.

12. Don’t jump to conclusions.

There might be moments when your beloved might reply or talk in a way which deviates from the normalcy. Don’t derive quick conclusions. Instead, have patience and continue to show your support.

13. Accept the silly quirks.

Your partner may have a penchant for doing something or might have some quirky behavioural trait. Until or unless it is outright disgusting or harmful, learn to accept it. This might, in fact, help in strengthening your bond.

14. Be thankful!

Some love tips are so simple and obvious, you end up forgetting about them over time. It might not seem much, but there could be a lot things that your beloved could be doing for which they might have walked an extra mile. Don’t hesitate ever to express your gratitude for what your partner is doing.

15. Be helpful.

Perhaps the best way to express your love on a daily basis is to help your spouse in the daily household chores. Sometimes you might not feel like doing it, but just a bit of help could make a lot of difference.

16. Keep making subtle expressions of love.

Give your beloved a simple kiss on the cheek when he/she brings you coffee in the morning. Send a smiley SMS to your spouse when you are outside. These simple expressions of love can do more than what your weekend candle light dinner can.

17. Spill everything that’s on your mind.

Especially once you are married, because your spouse becomes your biggest confidant. Share what is on your mind. This helps develop confidence in the relationship.

18. Accept change!

As time progresses, you might notice certain subtle changes in your partner. Don’t get taken over by it by starting to worry about it. Instead, learn to accept them and continue to stand by your beloved’s side.

19. Have good non-verbal communication.

Sometimes your partner is speaking to you and all you do is keep looking at your phone. Often, poor non-verbal communication is a prime reason for a failed relationship. Instead, always make sure you are paying attention when your partner is talking to you.

20. Go for an outing!

Yes this is one of those unnecessary love tips, but you gotta remember to keep doing this one. Spend some time going out, especially on a vacation, every once in a while. This is a great way to relieving tension and sharing some quality time together.

21. Give some gentle massages.

There is nothing odd about it. Just giving a gentle shoulder massage to your spouse once or twice in a week is all you need to bond better with your partner.

22. Wear the attire your partner likes.

There might be some clothes in your wardrobe which you hate but your spouse loves to see you wearing them. Make an effort to wear that favourite apparel that he/she likes at least once in a while. Love tips do have to get real, so this is as real as it gets.

23. Flirt with one another.

Flirting is not something you should be doing only when you are dating. It is perhaps something which should be done more often when you are married since it helps in adding an element of fun in your married life.

24. Accept your mistakes, even if it is not your fault.

What makes the relationship of husband and wife stand out is that it is a relationship of equals. There is no seniority or superiority aspect in it. Keep love tips like this in mind when you have an argument with your spouse and accept your mistake even if it was nothing that you did. Marriage is all about accepting and caring for your partner and this point reflects that.

25. Forgive one another.

If you are at the receiving end of an apology, then accept it. Never be judgemental about it.

26. Bury your ego.

Ego is so toxic that it can destroy even the most successful and tranquil marital relationships. If you have a partner who has a better job, earns more and is the popular one, then don’t get anxious. Instead, encourage your partner and keep sharing with him/her as to how proud and privileged you feel to be their life partner.

27. Stay humble.

This works in conjunction with the previous love tips. If you are aware that you are the elite one among the two, then make sure you never do anything to make it explicit; instead always stay humble and committed.

28. Don’t aim to change your partner.

There are many people who spend a significant time in making efforts to manipulate their SOs. Never forget that you married the person who had these quirks in the first place and therefore you should learn to adjust and appreciate these traits rather than change them.

29. Leave love notes for each other.

Leave a romantic note at places where your partner is most likely to see it. This is truly adorable.

30. Show some level of dependency on your partner.

While most people champion the point of being independent even when they are married; a healthy level of dependency on your partner is always good to express your affection in a subtle way.

31. Rejoice together.

Instead of having a party with friends or going out for celebration with some acquaintances, have a celebration with your partner. In this way, you will truly share each other’s joy.

32. Greet your beloved.

Greet your spouse when you wake up in the morning. Greet her/him back when you are home from work. Nice way of maintaining harmony in the relationship. Avoid being grumpy.

33. Kiss each other.

Kissing is perhaps the most intimate way of saying ‘I love you’. Give a kiss whenever you feel like expressing your love; this is one of those love tips from the ages.


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