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5 I Love You Poems For Him He Will Cherish!

We gaze at the twinkling stars and wish to get struck by Cupid’s arrow. We dream of treading long pebbled paths holding hands. We dream of surfing in the ocean and resting on golden sand. To us, finding one true love is like a dream come true. It is when we start believing in fairy tales and do away with our blues. And when we start writing new chapters on love in our diary, we wish we could express our feelings clearly. But sigh! love doth not make everybody a poet. We get stuck in a dilemma and struggle to find a way. But fret not, below are five beautiful I love you poems for him that you can choose from to express your feelings. He will be swept off his feet and will love you till eternity.

1. Time Together By Leona Marie Hetherington

Beautifully summed up by an award winning artist, photographer, writer and a teacher, Leona Marie expresses her love for her beloved in a few lines, in a very simple language, that only shakes the emotional gravity that dwells inside us. Not complicated, and so pure, this poem can be easily related to anybody who has ever fallen in love. One of the most beautiful I love you poems for him.

2. Love’s Language By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Ella Wheeler Wilcox opens with a question — How does love speak? She questions her very own inhibitions. It is like a message for him… hints that he must pick on. That when a woman falls in love, the soft flush of red cheeks give away her feelings even when she has a ‘no’ on her lips. This poem explains the language of love a woman speaks when she is head over heels in love with him. How her eyes twinkle, and how she is at constant war with her own feelings. She struggles through the day without doing anything, even anything small. But when she lets him kiss her, she gives in and surrenders to love. That’s the language of love a girl speaks. And no man should ever ignore it. One of those I love you poems for your boyfriend that he will fondly remember!

3. I Carry Your Heart With Me By E. E. Cummings

This beautiful sonnet defines the depth of true love. In a unique style, this poet reflects one’s deep, profound love for somebody special. It is declaration of love that begins with — ”I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart).” It further expresses her sense of unity that she shares with him. Whatever she does, she does it for him. He is her fate. Her world in the truest sense. Her fate and his world are hers alone. It is an emphasis on the roots of true love and its reflection on limitless possibilities love holds for them. I love you poems for him like this will make him cry.

4. Love & Friendship By Emily Bronte

Sometimes unspoken commitment binds two people together. It is one’s love for another. A confession in the truest sense. Whether she finds a place in his heart or not, she will always be his friend. Emily Bronte here talks about love and friendship. She talks about the life cycle and fading beauty. She compares love with the beautiful flower that grows, blooms and withers away. But friendship is like that tall, sturdy tree that stands the winter blows and summer’s wrath. Love may wither away at the onset of Autumn, like a flower. But it can still bloom again beautifully in the flowering season again. On the other hand, friendship will grow stronger like the tree, and can never be uprooted easily. This reflects her feelings for a man whom she admires the most in her life. Whether he chooses her or not, they can always be together as friends.

5. Love’s Philosophy By Percy Bysshe Shelley

This poem addresses the union of two people, just like the rivers mingle with the ocean. P.B Shelley is sharing the desire to have a physical relationship with his one true love. He goes onto expressing that every aspect of nature is embracing one another. He too wishes to embrace his love like the nature standing in unity with one divine law. If dedicated to your man, he will surely understand how much you wish and desire to be with him.

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