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Signs To Spot A Femme Fatale

The only good thing about a she-player or a ‘slayer’ (a.k.a. femme fatale) is that you can actually hold her down with a ring and a decent bit of money. But if you try to make her have your babies too soon, you’ll lose her, despite the wedding and the big happy home.

They come in two types – the type who slay all men, and the type who keep a ‘beard’ or a ‘sugar daddy’ on the side and then slay.

All Slayers Are Attractive. Period.

1. This line from Gone with the Wind explains it, “Scarlet O’Hara was not beautiful, but men seldom realized it when caught by her charm… But it was an arresting face..”. If she’s not beautiful, she will still be a stunner. Because her ability to play rests on the preclusion of male shallowness. Typically, men will chase after because of her physical attributes. She is aware that men are shallow, and will hence ‘play’ them because she ‘knows’ that they’re no good

2. A slayer’s ‘playing’ may have been triggered by a bad childhood, where there was either the lack of a father figure, or her existent father figure was a bad example. She may have watched him and understood all men to be like that. But that is not the trigger for a majority of them.

Most slayers are affected by their first few sexual encounters. So if she’s been treated badly by a boyfriend or two, she may turn to slaying. If she has been ‘left’ by more than one player, she is almost certainly going to consider and try out slaying for a while at least. If she has a slayer mom, she may take that path.

And that’s where you might get a clue. Ask her about her previous relationships. If she’s angry about any ill treatments, you’re safe. If she says she’s now okay with it or she has come to terms with it, then you’ve got a problem.

On the bright side, after bad experiences with men, women become slayers to ‘test’ all men, like testing the water. The right guy, only the best of men, will convince her there is hope, and she will quit slaying. And slayers know right from the beginning who’s a keeper and who’s not.

This is the most pointed difference between players and slayers. His ego injury is now a part of her personality. Hers happened much later in life; that gave her fluidity.

3. Slayers are fairly obvious about all their vices. If she slays, you’ll know pretty quickly. There will be lots of calls, texts, pings and meetups with various guys. Her social page has many guy friends with whom she has taken pictures. She’ll blow you off quickly, and she won’t use a fight as an excuse to do so. She won’t be in a hurry to get with you, and if you are, she will tell you she’s in no hurry. She won’t put it up on her social page if she does. She will not just know these guys online or with meetups, she will text them from time to time too.

If you introduce her to your friends, she will swap numbers, and talk to them too.

She won’t say she loves you. She may have mastered how to say it more realistically, if she needs to, but she rarely needs to, and she always has alternate options, like kissing you when you say that, or saying she kinda thinks she likes you too.

4. Seeing you with another girl will rapidly make her lose interest in you. She has many options, so she won’t have any trouble ditching a guy who’s not worth the time she ‘spends’ on him. In some cases, slayers will be direct, and tell you why they’re not going to keep coming around. A girl who likes you will be hurt about this, but a slayer just expects men to do stuff like that. So she’s already made rules on how to deal with situations that arise.

Unlike players, who don’t score for scoring, but play to feel power, and hence continue the elaborate ruse of a relationship, so that they always have available sex, a slayer is female, and attractive, and hence she may get as many choices as she wants. Her goal is power and a fun ‘ride’. Younger slayers may also be looking for better financial prospects.

5. She won’t have many female friends, and if she does, chances are that friend is going steady with a great guy who she happily maintains as ‘off limits.’ Or she has a bunch of friends who are slaying too; or at least experimenting with it. They will be excited to meet you. They will all smile and talk nicely, because chances are her friends know what she does, and understand it to be amusing. Remember Samantha in Sex and the City?

6. She will not invite you home if she has a beard – a husband, a live-in steady boyfriend or a sugar daddy. Otherwise, she will not mind taking you home. She’ll be cool with hotels and motels, or cars. She won’t ask to see your place, mostly because you’ll invite her anyway. She won’t freak out if you want to do stuff in weird places.

7. If you are her ‘beard,’ she’ll be kinder to you, as a ‘guilt’ reaction. She will introduce you to her ‘playmates’. And when she texts them, or goes to hang with them, she will tell you. She will tell you they’re friends. She won’t say ‘just friends’. She won’t lie to you all that much. When she has an ‘anchor beard’, it means she prefers you, but she’s not seen anything that would convince her you’re more than that.

Slayers have that one thing in common with players – they both initially believe that their real or original selves are not enough to keep a person. Overtime, it turns into resentment,and a chronic hatred for the sex they prey on.


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