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Best Love Proposals To Get An Immediate Yes

Are you full to bursting with a deep and abiding affection that is calling out to every cell in your body? Does the sound of a certain someone’s voice transport you into rosy visions of a life worthy of even the greatest daydreamers? Does the idea of a certain pair of lips excite you like nothing else on this little old mud ball we call our home? Can you not bear the thought of a life without the one you love beside you every step of the way? Well, possibly not every step of the way; most people do tend to keep certain aspects of their day to day routine private, especially from their partners. And this is perfectly understandable; but we assure you, even that can be gotten over in time. Now if this last bit doesn’t sound bad to you, then we are glad to say that you are ready to get married. Congratulations! Yay! Now you simply need the best love proposal possible to seal the deal.

Crafting a proposal is one of the most conflicting experiences of your life. You have been programmed from birth, by people you know and the great teacher that is popular media, to be nervous as an ice cube at the gates of hell. Given the importance of what is riding on your words, ideas and thoughts during those few crucial moments, which can affect your entire life from that point onwards, this is also perfectly understandable. Such is the hunt for the best love proposal.

If you are in the search for the best love proposal with which to fall on knee and ask your love to tie the knot with you and take the first steps towards holy matrimony, then you’ve come to the right place. The best love proposal would be one where everything is absolutely perfect. From the words, to the timing, to the location and the ambiance’ you have to nail everything down just right, for your future happiness is riding upon these efforts.


One of the strongest forces in the world, love is partly so because of its amazing ability to transform. The person you were before love, and the person you are after are alike as a sapling and a 100 year old banyan tree. You become expansive, both in heart and soul. It is almost inevitable that love will make you a better person than before, and this is in a large part owed to the presence of your lover in your life.


Let’s take a look at some of the choices for wording that you can consider for inclusion into the best love proposal possible for you!


A heartfelt poem, these love proposal lines encapsulate a certain feeling, a quintessential joie de vivre that is certain to reach across any distance between you and your partner. A simple and direct wish, it asks your loved one to be locked away together, in the world but within it together.


Such are the innumerable wonders of love that even the smallest things will make you smile like a child, lost in the innocence of pure emotion. Let your intended know just how much they matter to you.


The eternal nature of love is what prompts us to write stories about it. And all the enduringly endearing stories have love as a central part of their narrative. Let your partner know how much they mean to you with this amazing love proposal.


The master of horror fiction also shows that he is a master of human emotion, and as a writer, who would know better. These love proposal lines are the absolute truth of the world. And it will resonate in your partner’s mind when they hear it coming from you.


These evergreen lines from the inimitable British group, The Beatles, capture the essence of love. There is always give and take in love because it is a two way street. But there is no limit of love, there is no upper limit on its boundaries.


These words from the American poet Robert Frost, are steeped in the perfumes of love. Your desire for your partner s as strong, and maybe a little weaker than your need for your partner to wholly desire you as well. And if you’ve found the one to satisfy these conditions, then what are you waiting for? Go!


Such is the nature of love that we each see a million different things in love and have innumerable halting words to try and describe what we feel in love, and sometimes all you can actually see is the happy side of your life that is propelled to the forefront by the emotional high that you are riding one. But, and tell your partner this, sometimes that’s okay as well.


Wise words from a wise lady, these words smack of the truth. There is no greater beautifying force in the world than love. In love, the world in all it’s divine glory becomes all the more dazzling.

The Setting To Clinch The Deal

Along with the words of your proposal, the setting in which you deliver them, and how you do so is also crucially important to the execution of a successful proposal. But sometimes, of course you do find people who are lucky enough that all of this doesn’t matter since they are just meant to be. But seeing as these lucky people are more rare than common, the chances of you being one of them are questionable. So why put yourself through the stress, check out these ideas to get some inspiration for your own best love proposal.

The first thing to do is to remember to be yourself. Since you want this moment to be uniquely about the two of you, don’t go too overboard. Remember, you are proposing to this person because they hopefully fell in love with you, and they will want a proposal from you. Don’t approach them with some idea that is totally ripped off from elsewhere. Let them know that they are special to you, and that while you are willing to go to the ends of the earth for them, you will still always remain quintessentially yourself.

Since this is one of the most important questions you will ever ask another person, go at it slow and take a page out of the Scouts’ book: be prepared. Yes, there si a standard template of getting on your knee and then proposing with a ring out, but while that is always classic, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to put just a little more effort into it; especially if you want to ensure the possibility of a yes without leaving a shadow of doubt. Check out these amazing examples of some of the best love proposals on the internet.

1. Light The Flame of Love

A timeless classic, a candle lit dinner is always a brilliant way to establish your proposal. The romance of the evening will spike the air with a thrumming hum of overflowing emotion. The dim, flickering light will reflect itself in your glittering eyes, and all will be right with the world, which somehow has reduced itself to just be your partner and nothing else. This method is only enhanced if you manage to cook and present the meal yourself. You don’t have to pull of cordon bleu cooking here, just make sure not to burn the main dish. Let her receive the ring in the classic champagne glass, or even tie it to the stem with a pretty ribbon. This will not only get you a yes, but will ensure that you start getting a lot of brownie points piled up for later. Though, a word of caution: if you are not given to doing this sort of thing spontaneously, then it might give your partner a clue as to what the night may hold.

2. A New Beginning At The Place Of Your Beginning

Take yourselves on a trip through time, and reflect on all the happiness that you share as you take your partner to the place where the two of you first met. Even try and recreate how it happened. When you pop the question, in these settings, you will not only get a yes, but most probably be bowled over as your partner tackles you into a hug.

3. For Cocoa Lovers

Get a ring in a convenient box, wash it well and then dip it in chocolate. Then arrange it artfully in a box of other chocolates. Present this to her, and then when she finally has enough of wondering what this large chocolate is, surprise her with a question and a new life together.

4. For Denizens Of The Net

If your partner is a bit of an Internet addict, then what better way to propose to her than by creating a custom page that will do the job for you. You can design the site according to your partner’s tastes, and then sit back and watch as they tear up at the sight of this uniquely tailored proposal.

5. Say It With Flowers

ake her for a simple picnic. Distract her with an appropriate picnic box, and then lead her into a conveniently beautiful clearing. They will wonder what you were doing up to the point where that see the question spelled out in a beautifully arranged pattern of flowers. IF you do this at the beach, you can alternatively replace or add to the flowers by throwing in some shells as well.

6. Put It In A Bottle

Another great one for the beach, this one also requires a bit of pre-planning. You will have to arrange for a glass bottle that is corked and holding a love letter written with careful care, and then bury it in a marked location. The next day, bring your lover to the beach and have a lot of fun. Get into the water and splash around, build some castles. And then somehow stumble upon this ancient looking bottle, and when they have finished reading your wish to them, whip out your ring and your nest hopeful smile. You’ve got this in the bag!

So we hope you enjoyed these little suggestions to make the best love proposal for yourself. Remember, words and setting, if you get these things down pat, then the world is your oyster. If you find them helpful, do let us know, and share some other proposals that you might want to use with us. We’re tireless in our pursuit of enabling you people to do your best.


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