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Emotional Love Poems To Make You Shed A Tear

A good poem ignites compassion and rekindles our spirits of joy and happiness. It mirrors the love we hold in our heart and makes it easier for us to express them so easily in words. Its rhythm is like the meandering river that gently flows down the hills. Its scent is more bewitching than the sweet scent of a rose. It makes our heart beat in harmony better than the best musical compositions ever could. A love poem truly brings us all to life. And those out there, who trip and fall in love, whether decidedly or by accident, know exactly what we are talking about. So hold onto those letter pads, we have shortlisted four beautiful and heart-warming emotional love poems for you that you would love to recite to your beloved. Old school charm does wonders even in this new age of technology.

1. How Do I Love Thee By Elizabeth Barrett Browning

How Do I Love Thee is a beautiful and emotional poem that Elizabeth writes for her husband-to-be, Robert Browning. She begins with the question ‘How do I love you?’ and goes onto thinking about counting all the ways in which she can love him. She expresses that her love is so deep and intense that it rises to a spiritual level. She adds that she will love him freely, without any intimidation, and that she will love him without any expectations or praise. And in the end she goes onto say that their love is eternal, and that she will continue loving him even after death. In simple sentences Elizabeth sums up her true feelings for her fiancé. Her lines touch the right chords, and fill our hearts with all the joy and love that exists in this universe.

2. Wild Nights By Emily Dickinson

Wild Nights in its essence, speaks of how much we all desire to love and be loved. Love is the only sacred emotion in this universe that can fill any void one feels. And in this poem Emily Dickinson expresses how much she desires to be with someone; love him freely and feel loved in return. This poem is apt for those who are trying to woo somebody. It simply emphasizes on how lonely one feels without love in one’s life. The heart feels restless sitting at the port — waiting for love and companionship. It quivers desperately wanting to sail away. This poem expresses the romantic longing for somebody’s love, and the luxury of wild nights anchored in someone’s love.

3. The Passionate Shepherd To His Love By Christopher Marlowe

In this poem Christopher Marlowe beautifully captures the joys of living a simple life, and uncomplicated love. He is not worried about his status or how many riches he can present to her. He explains that the future will take care of itself. But what truly matters is living in the moment. He invites her to join him at little humble abode from where one can see hills and valleys and the rugged terrain of the mountains. They sit together and watch the little brooks flow, and hear the birds sing. He talks about all the beautiful things he can gift her from around his abode. This emotional love poems explains that love is pure like the dainty flowers that grow in the garden, the happy brook that flows down the mountain, and even like the innocent birds that chirp and fly from tree to tree. His love is like them all, pure and innocent, for her.

4. I Miss You Dearly By Happy Place

To sum up: One of the beautiful emotional love poems, written in a simple language, for all lovers to understand. In a beautiful rhyme scheme the poem reads of one lover missing another dearly. How she texts him when she misses him. How she sits quietly, with a broken heart, when she can’t see him. But she doesn’t show that his absence drives her crazy. She can only think of his smile and smile herself, sheepishly. She watches him from a distance, but wishes he were close to her. His twinkling eyes pull her towards him. How much she wishes he could take her in his arms. She feels lonely, but she tries to fight these feelings, because he not being there with her is making her fall in love with him.

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