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Endearing Ways To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

She’s fun loving, easy going and the two of you share a great chemistry. You’ve been fooling around together, and you know she doesn’t have a boyfriend, but for some reason, you still haven’t officially asked her to be your girlfriend!

It could be because you’re a bit shy, or you’re concerned about the consequences, or anything else really, but the fact is that if you want her to be your girlfriend you’re going to have to ask her, and so to nudge you in the right direction, here are 19 ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend:

1. The Cake Method

The cake method involves getting a cake for a special occasion, her birthday works best, but any other occasion will also do. Instead of having the normal inscription on the cake, you can have the words “will you be my girlfriend” lettered in icing.

2. The Poem Way

Write her a love poem that ends in you asking her the question. She will love it, and you don’t have to be Shakespeare to do it. Check out our collections of love poems for inspiration and get writing right away.

3. The Sand Method

If you live close to a beach, you can write your proposal into the sand with a stick, and then just make sure that she “happens” to see it. It will leave her floored, literally.

4. Make A Puzzle

Customized gift puzzles are a thing now, and your best bet is to look online for a number of vendors. Get one in the shape of a heart, or with your special message, and bonus points if you help her solve it.

5. Get A Slam Book

And ask her if she wants to be the first one who signs it. Of course she’s going to say ‘yes’, and when she does, make sure that the first page has your question written all over it!

6. Organize A Treasure Hunt

So the two of you like to hang out together and do fun and interesting stuff, right? Get a treasure hunt organized, and put together a grand prize – an offer to your heart.

7. Use Her Pet

If she has a pet doggie, you can easily attach a note to its collar; she is bound to see it and it will be the cutest surprise!

8. Sing Her A Song

If you play a little guitar or any other instrument, you can let her know your feeling, and proposal through the form of a song. Write her a little ditty, and we’re sure she isn’t going to forget that moment for a long time.

9. Make A Website

It doesn’t have to be all bells and whistles. Just a basic website on WordPress that asks her, and only her, one important question. Share with her secretly,and she’ll be impressed.

10. Get The T-Shirt

A quirky way of letting her know what’s on your mind would be to get a custom T-shirt printed and wear it one of the times that you’re hanging out. If it’s just the two of you and you’re wearing a “will you be my girlfriend” T-shirt, she’ll get the hint.

11. The Lunch Box Method

A heart shaped pancake, heart shaped cut strawberries, and a little note. If packing her a lunch box is not possible, then make sure to hijack hers when she isn’t looking and drop in the note. But make sure that you don’t mess up her food!

12. Lights

Diwali and Christmas aren’t the only times light can come in handy. If you’re feeling extravagant, you can set up a set of lights to make alphabets, and spell out your special question to her.

13. Love Note/Love Letter

You can write her an easy-going note or letter and send it across by mail, or drop it off personally in a sealed envelop. Putting things down on paper will help if you’re unable to muster those words in speech.

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