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Expert Tips: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You?

If you are looking for ways on how to make someone fall in love with you, know that there’s no magic to it. You can’t just swish your wand and make a person fall in love with you. Falling in love with someone is something that just happens. It is not something that you, me or anyone else has a control over. There’s no formula for it per se. But then, apart from the actual falling in love part, there are of course certain things that you can do to improve your chances of impressing that special someone. Take a look.

Preparing The Ground – The Psychology Approach

Here’s the heavy stuff based on research and the workings of the human mind.

1. Strike A Sense Of Familiarity

On of the most simple ways of how to make someone fall in love – Increase the instances of interaction and mingling as much as possible without going overboard about it. The more visible you are to the other person, the more are his or her chances of noticing you and leading to the proximity effect.

Sometimes it helps if you know your base, and here’s how to know someone likes you.

Being visible and noticed in social situations can help you work your way to his or her heart. The nearness and the level of interaction in various social circles will surely help them understand your personality. Try to put your best foot forward in all situations but do not fake it. Be what you are; just highlight your positive aspects more to build up the interaction and likings.

2. Work On Levels Of Physical Attraction

However much you deny it, physical attraction does play a huge role here. The ‘love at first sight’ concept on how to make someone fall in love is more about liking someone physically first, and then as the interaction increases, and you get to know the person more, you tend to fall in love. But for that first impression, physical attraction is crucial.

But that does not mean you have to be a prince or a fairy to attract the person you are crushing on. Being presentable and grooming yourself properly is what that matters. Highlight the features that are your plus points and downplay the not-so-gorgeous ones.

3. Similarities And Differences

People tend to gravitate towards the ones who are similar to them in genetic composition as well as behaviour and social backgrounds. The concept of ‘opposites attract’ is not completely true. People prefer to be with partners who have similar disposition and personality, that comes from the matching hypothesis. So if you are crushing on someone with a vibrant personality, and you want to know how to make someone fall in love, with you, you will have to be interesting enough for them too to attract their attention.

When it comes to differences, people like a bit of challenge too and explore the unexplored. Being a little different in personality and aspects also can be a cementing factor in a relationship. Sounds confusing? Well, it is all about striking the balance and figuring out what works bests for you in your situation, with a mix of the similarities and the differences.

4. Reciprocal Of Liking

If you like someone and do wish to have a connection with them then do not try to guard your feelings too much or make the mistake of hiding your genuine feelings under the mask of indifference or false hate. We often tend to act like we do not care about the presence of the person we actually like in fear of rejection. But the unnecessary pretensions and the acts will not work in your favor. The other person will think that you have an attitude and will simply maintain a distance.

When you like someone, you do not have to directly express your feelings in one go but you can start with the build-up. Through your expressions and gestures, show them that you do like them, are fascinated by their personality and feel awesome in their company. These genuine and heartfelt emotions will be reciprocated well when it comes to working out how to make someone fall in love.

5.The Air Of Mystery And Secrecy

Maintaining an air of secrecy and mystery can work in your favour. If you have managed to go out on a date with the one you are attracted too, do not overload him or her with all the details about yourself. And leave the gross and gory ones till you reach the final stage of comfort and trust.

Instead of just talking about yourself all the time, be a little evasive too and also make it a two-way conversation. Let the other person talk too and be a patient listener. Don’t blurt out every secret of yours, keep them guessing and wanting to know more about you. On the other hand, don’t over do this one. or the other party may think you’re on the ‘player’ side, and when it’s about how to make someone fall in love, that doesn’t work out in your favour always.

6. Level Of Reactance

Step 6 on how to make someone fall in love ~ People tend to want what they cannot have. It is basic psychology and you can cash on that. Play a little hard to get. It might work to your advantage.

Gestures And Body Languages

Body language is a big deal when it comes to asking how to make someone fall in love with you. Your body language and the way you portray yourself also sends some positive and negative signals to the other person. Here, you can look at some of the tips and tricks to improve your body language and work on some friendly gestures to make sure your crush gets the right vibes from you and you do not end up repelling him or her without even being aware of it.

1. Maintaining Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact while talking to your crush is important. Don’t get all fidgety. Maintaining good eye contact also makes you appear friendly, easy going and trustworthy and that is the basic requirement in any relationship. The lack of eye contact while interacting with a person gives out the impression that you are under confident, nervous and have trust issues. These are total turn-offs. Maintain a strong connection with your date even when you both are casually talking.

2. Being Interested In The Conversation

Show interest in what your crush is talking about by giving away the right signals. While in a conversation, always nod wherever it is relevant and show your interest about the topic. Body signals such as dilated eyes, proximity, a little bit of leaning while talking to the other person and nodding makes the other person feel that you are genuinely interested. On the contrary, actions such as smirking, looking somewhere else while talking, fidgeting and moving away from the person constantly can have the opposite effect. So, be careful about your body language too.

3. Appreciate Them Genuinely

Throwing casual remarks about things that you like or appreciate in a person can surely make you their favourite. Everyone likes to be appreciated and liked and if you can manage to pass on the vibe that you like their qualities and enjoy their company, you are sure to make your way to their heart. But please do not flatter your crush or love interest in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable. Whatever you say should come across as genuine and heartfelt and not just false flattery as no one likes to be manipulated or deceived in any way. Here’s how to make someone feel special for more help.

4. Keep A Cheerful Smile

A pleasing smile and a cheerful expression will make you less daunting as a personality and much more approachable by your crush. You should not come across as a haughty personality with a very negative attitude. Cheerful disposition and a laughing face are appreciated by everybody and you will be much more desired by your crush. Just make sure that you are not giggling or bursting out laughing all the time for no reason at all or else you will be simply rejected as a nut case. Use your common sense to adopt the right approach.

5. Touch Them Frequently (Non-Creepy Way)

Come up with more instances where you can touch your partner in a harmless manner and keep a casual tone about it to increase the levels of intimacy. Actions such as shaking of hands to a casual hug or even a little peck on the cheeks while saying good night after a long evening can work well. Just make sure that you do not do anything that might not be comfortable for your partner and take things slow before you reach a level of comfort and trust towards each other.

6. Show Interest In Their Passions

This is the basic on how to make someone fall in love with you. If your love interest or the person you are dating is passionate about something, do show interest in that too and make them realize that you are interested in things that interest them. Again, do not fake anything here and prepare a mutual ground. Do not pick anything that you absolutely hate or else it will end up being just a pretence that cannot be carried on for long. Find the common interests and then go ahead with something that you are both passionate about, even if the levels of intensity towards the subjects may vary.

Checklist Of Creating Needs And Meeting Requirements

1. Developing The Need

You will have to work on becoming indispensable in the other person’s life. How you do it is up to your imagination. If the person needs you always, then he/she will be hooked to you for long. Make yourself irreplaceable in the eyes of your love. Create the need first and then fulfil it in a way that’s unique so that you earn the tag of exclusivity in their eyes.

2. Meeting The Requirements

Everyone has a checklist of qualities that one requires in their partner and you are no different. It cannot be just anybody with whom you can spend your life and so is the case with your crush. Work it out in a way that you meet the needs perfectly and they can put a tick to most of the boxes that they have imagined in their head when looking for a partner. In this way, you will be a desirable candidate and there will be no need to change much about yourself to be liked by your crush. It’s all okay when it comes to how to make someone fall in love, but remember, you need to be sensible about this or you’ll end up in a very tiring relationship yourself overtime.

3. Chase The Subconscious Mind

Get him/her thinking about you even when you are physically not present there. A call now and then or sending a nice romantic SMS when they least expect it will work well.

4. Show Determination

Be patient and determined while approaching this delicate situation and do not rush into anything without giving enough time and space to the other person. You do not want to come across as a clingy person. Be patient but devoted towards your partner to let them realize how serious you are about this relationship.

Hope you could get some great ideas on how to make someone fall in love with you. Wish to share your experiences of your first love or your take on this? Feel free to comment below and let us know.

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