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Fourth Time’s The Charm

Fourth Time’s The Charm

“The best part this wasn’t the first, second, or third time he missed an obvious hint. It was his fourth. I don’t know all the details of the 3 before mine.

I know the first one was the girl leaned in for a kiss at a party. He thought she was falling over due to being drunk. Thinking back he said she had told him she doesn’t drink alcohol.

The second one grabbed his crotch while he was in the passenger seat of her car. He thought she misjudged reaching for the gear shift. The car was an automatic and moving. There was no obvious reason for her to change the gear.

The third one wasn’t as obvious. She was always really happy to see him. Always invited him over. Would cuddle him. He put two and two together about a year after they stopped hanging out. She was never that way with other guy friends.

Luckily he caught one of his current girlfriend’s hints. She told him he was really cute. He said ‘thanks my mom thinks so too.’ He started walking away when something clicked. He turn around and said ‘if you think my face is cute you should see my butt sometime. You wanna discuss a time after work?'”

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