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How Fast Can You Fall In Love?

Is there a certain procedure that needs to be followed? How fast is too fast? I’d be lying if I say I haven’t wondered about these things myself. Love is in the air, but how fast or slow you get its feeling is something that we need to consider.

So, Exactly How Fast Can You Fall In Love?

Let’s consider two scenarios:

A. You’ve met a couple of times and you think you’ve fallen in love with them. B. You’ve met or even just texted a couple of times and they tell you they’ve fallen in love with you.

How fast can you fall in love, lol? Remember, life is a NOT a movie. All love advice matters, but you don’t just meet and fall in love in an instant. But yes, you may get attracted and start liking them the moment you meet them. And this may later on grow into love. How soon or how late it turns into love depends on the circumstances. So if you’re wondering about whether it’s too soon or not, ask yourself the following questions.

For those of you who relate to ‘A’

1. What all do I like about him/her?

It might sound silly, but there are many people who just fall in love with the idea of being with the other person, more than the actual person. And sometimes it’s very superficial, all about their looks. So when you’re considering how fast can you fall in love, this question will make you realize whether you actually like the person or just how the person looks, if they’re so cool, or if it’s just about being seen around/with him/her.

2. What all do I dislike about him/her?

Falling in love (or at least feeling that you have fallen in love) is easy. After all, we’re all looking for our SRK-style romantic life story. So think about their flaws. Think about how big or small they are. Think about whether IN THE LONG RUN you can still manage to live with those flaws. Compatibility is a very serious issue, and hearts are not rubber electric toys.

3. Am I ready for love?

Despite what we’ve said about how fast can you fall in love, you might think that you’ve fallen in love. But are you ready to make it a part of your daily life for the next few decades? There’s a difference in meeting, getting attracted, saying the L word just to start dating for a few months, fighting and happily going your separate ways, and actually making that person a part of your daily minute-by-minute life for the rest of time.

4. Is he/she someone I would want to dream of a future with?

It might be too soon to think of a future but this question will make you realize what you really want. If you can’t even think of maybe considering a future with them, or if you see a short term plan sometime in the future, then it’s not love and it is too soon to even think of love at all yet. Give it time and don’t rush into it as of now.

5. Am I someone he/she would want to dream of a future with?

This question will make you realize your final stand on the issue. It’s important to do some introspection on the matter before you decide to weigh in things like love. Most relationships fail because of this fact. If you are not at your best, it’s best to look inward and become a better you first, before you go hunting for love. Love is not something doctors give prescriptions of when you’re not okay. It’s not a medicine or a cure. It’s a very serious relationship between two individuals who can genuinely care about each other without jealousy, insecurity, aggression, ego, or internalized peer pressure and parental issues.

If all the answers to the questions are positive then I guess it’s a sign you can start off with a plan of taking attraction to the next level of love.

For those of you who relate to ‘B’

1. How long have you both been close?

You need to have some intimacy of the minds to be able to fall in love with someone. Till the time you don’t know someone closely, it cannot be love; even if you think you’re ‘madly in love‘. Think about the time you’ve been together as friends as that will give you an idea about how your relationship developed.

2. Is he/she with me in difficult times?

People who ‘think’ they’ve fallen in love with you will be there during all the moments except for when you really need them. But someone who genuinely loves you will stick around no matter what.

3. How is he/she with others?

Does he/she flirt with others? There’s no harm in friendly flirting but if the person actually hits on others while telling you that he/she loves you, I think something’s definitely wrong and you must not consider it.

4. Does he/she show interest in sensible conversation with you?

When you love someone from the heart you start having mature, sensible conversations with them regarding life and future. If the person ignores those topics and is there only for the time-pass banter then I’m not sure that it’s love.

5. Where does he/she look while talking to you?

A person who loves you will mostly pay attention to your face while you’re talking. He/she’ll focus on your eyes and lips and when you’re talking. But someone who’s not in love with you and is simply attracted to you will have their attention deviating from you. They’ll look around at other people and get fidgety or appear disinterested. Definitely not a good sign.

6. What is his/her reputation with exes?

We’re asking how fast can you fall in love, so logically you need to know the other person’s prior info. It’s a way to know if the person is just a love addict or someone who can be serious. Sometimes they may show a lot of good signs, but there’s a time limit. Check on their ex(es) to know exactly what’s up. You can ask his/her friends too.

7. Do his/her friends know about you?

This is the ultimate test for any love issue, and so important when you’re asking how fast can you fall in love. Always check with his/her friends. If the friends don’t like you or don’t have a good opinion about you, then it’s not a good sign.

It’s never too soon or too late to fall in love, and how fast can you fall in love is a good question. It all depends on the circumstances that have led you to feel the way you feel. Just remember to be honest with yourself when you ask yourself those questions and you’ll know if it’s too soon or not.


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