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How Most Couples Meet (Hint: Not Online)

Did you know only 9.4% of couples meet online? 38.6% of couples meet through mutual friends.

(Now this is only based on a survey of about 2,800 people) But it’s still an interesting sample, mutual friends bringing more friends together than online dating apps. This seems promising for the dating apps like coffee meets bagel that use your social connections on Facebook to give you matches.

Are you single and ready to mingle? Here’s a few ways to meet friends of friends:

1) Initiate a happy hour with some local friends and ask everyone to bring a friend from work. This would work best with only 3-4 buds so you don’t have a group of twenty.

2) Don’t discount new friends of the same sex, I always feel like having the mentality of just making new friends more often leads to love than just only looking for love. Making new girl friends can open you up to new social groups.

3) Be social(media). I’ve made new friends through mutual friends by sharing interesting bits on linked in, twitter and Facebook and starting conversations with new people.

4)Weddings. It’s a little cliche, meeting a man/woman at a friends wedding, but the mood is always great there are easy ice breakers “Friend of the bride/groom? How’d you meet?” Keep your eyes open.

Dates and relationships don’t happen overnight, give it time and it will grow.

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