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How To Deal With Rejection In Love In 9 Honest Steps

It is a feeling that hurts your heart and pricks your mind for a long time. While it may not be easy, there are always means and ways on how to deal with rejection in love. It is just that you have to pull yourself together and give it a try. By the end of it, you will emerge much stronger with a balanced approach towards all things that life throws at you. Here are nine steps on how to deal with rejection in love.

Step 1: Accept The Situation

‘I hate you but I love you quotes‘ are okay for a little while, but not for long. How to deal with rejection in love is never easy, but start somewhere, preferably with the facts. Accept the fact that your love has been rejected. Come to terms with the fact that you loved someone, and they turned it away. Do this not to scrape the wounds, but to learn that there are things in the world which are beyond your control. The decisions people make is one of them. You can’t force someone to fall in love with you, nor feel angry at them just because they rejected you. This set of introspective thoughts may fill you with grief but dealing with grief is the best way to make yourself more open-minded and firm-hearted.

Step 2: Don’t Grow Negative

Just because there is a dip in your life does not mean you don’t learn how to deal with rejection in love, and your anger and pain. You don’t have to vent out the frustration on everyone who crosses your path. If your lenses are dirty, you just wipe them clean and continue with your life. Shun all the negativity, maintain a sense of normalcy in your life and continue with your tasks like you used to. If the person who rejected your love is someone you happen to meet daily, do not let the bitterness of your feelings find its way into your behaviour. Remember, even that person is a human being. You should maintain a dignified persona even if it is dealing with someone who hurt your heart.

Step 3: Don’t Let Your Self-Confidence Dwindle

Just because a person rejected your love does not mean that you are someone who deserved that. You are what you are, and always will be that forever. No one is perfect, not even the person who rejected you. This is important to remember when you’re learning how to deal with rejection in love. Falling in love with someone is falling for that person’s imperfections as much it is falling for the looks and personality. Do not let a rejection in love make you consider yourself or anyone else insignificant.

You are important in your own sense and there are definitely people who like you for whatever you are. Surely there are things that you can always improve (we will come to that a bit later), but you need to be your original self and maintain your poise. If that means watching a bunch of Hollywood love story movies, and crying it all out, then okay, but do it.

Step 4: Engage In Other Outlets Of Love

Another cause of pain is pent up emotions of love and caring you didn’t get to give. So a part of how to deal with rejection in love involves accepting that you have love you want to give. Invest your time in things where you can channelise your love for the benefit of others around you. Perhaps you can pay a visit to that local animal shelter and work as volunteer on weekends. You can help those around you who are in need of assistance. The time spent caring for others will be the time that will heal you the most. It will give you an immense sense of satisfaction, and will help you realise that there are so many out there in the world whose thirst for love always goes unquenched. Reach out to them, and you will definitely discover happiness.

Step 5: Learn A New Skill

Enrol for an activity which will truly engage your mind. This will help with getting into how to deal with rejection in love; it will add some purpose to your life and your day will be more fruitful at the end. This will also help boost your self-confidence and distract your mind from those painful memories, eventually causing them to fade away.

Step 6: Focus On Improving Yourself

There are two aspect to this point of knowing how to deal with rejection in love. One is analysing what could have been the probable reason for your love to be rejected. It could be something that turns off people. Maybe it is a certain bad habit you have that might have caused that individual to reject your love. Remember, it is about something that is wrong per se and rectifying that. Here we are talking about improving for the better, and not transforming yourself to Mr/Ms Perfect (remember step 3). Reading up on stuff like how to make someone fall in love with you only works if you do some self-improvement first.

The other point here is to focus on your own existential skills and talent. Maybe you are good at something, why not take it to the next level? It is about loving yourself enough so that your realise there is more to your life than the person who rejected your love.

Step 7: Spend Time With People Who Matter

There are people in your life who were there much before your crush walked-in. They are like an evergreen tree that you can always take shelter underneath. These could be your friends or family members; spend time with them. they’re so important when you need help going about how to deal with rejection in love. In fact, the next step is the best thing you can do together!

Step 8: Go On A Vacation

Nothing best clears your mind than a whiff of some fresh air. Pull your gang together and plan a hearty vacation. It will help you in three ways. First, you get to spend quality time with people who actually love you (read: never rejected your love). Second, it will engage your mind. Third, a change of pace will help align things back to normal.

Step 9: Become An Unconditional Lover Yourself

Finally, you should become everything that you had expected that beloved to be. Being a victim of unrequited love makes you more empathetic towards those who are around you. You understand the value of human emotions better. And you begin to sincerely appreciate all the things that people who love you do for your happiness. Since you grow more mature with your experience, you also learn to take decisions pertaining to love more carefully. And when you find your true soul-mate, you will be someone who would love that person truly and unconditionally, right to the core!

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