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How To Express Love To Wife: 7 Simple Ways

Sometimes, married life can get a little boring and monotonous. As husband and wife, you both tend to take things for granted and there’s a set routine for everyday chores. But what fun is monotony? You both need to shake things up a bit and keep the spark alive. As a husband, no matter how much you care about your wife, you always have that lingering feeling of doing something more; a little extra something to make her feel special. If you are having trouble figuring out what it is that you can do to express your love, then here are seven simple ways by which you can tell show that she still means the world to you. Let’s get back to the basics of how to express love to wife, scene 1, act 79.

1. Help Her With Household Chores

How To Express Love To Wife - Help Her With Household Chores

No matter how mundane this might sound, this is THE best way of showing how much you care and love your wife. A month into married life and the husband has his sleeves rolled-up to help (read: impress) the wife all the time by helping with the domestic work. But a couple of marriage anniversaries later, all he does is laze on the sofa, watch TV, while the wife struggles with yanking clothes out of their brand new washing machine. Helping your wife with household chores is the most mature and even practical way of getting how to express love to your wife. Washing dishes is actually more fun together and you can end it up with “I love you” and watch her break into a smile.

2. Compliment Her

How To Express Love To Wife - Compliment Her

Even if you remotely like the smell of her perfume, then say it. If you love the ‘clicks’ of her feet when she walks in those high heels, then share it. Complimenting is the most visceral means of expressing your love to your wife, therefore don’t underestimate its potential and power. The impact of a simple compliment can go a long way in strengthening your relationship and the love.

3. Plan A Surprise Outing

How To Express Love To Wife - Plan A Surprise Outing

And this means a real ‘date-like’ outing and not just some boring trip around the local park. If you know a place or a restaurant which she loves a lot, then make sure you make a prior booking and take her there impromptu. Avoid the usual domestic chitty-chatty while on your way to the place or once there, and instead focus on talking about something romantic. Now we can’t hand-hold you and tell you how to be romantic. You need to figure that out.

4. Listen First. Talk Later

How To Express Love To Wife - Listen First. Talk Later

In other words, be a patient listener. She might be having a hard day at work and there might be something that she wants to share with you. Instead of just bringing the bills to the table for a discussion, look into her eyes and listen to whatever she has to say. Remember, you are all she has got to pour out her feelings to. She just expects you to listen to her with genuine empathy, that’s all. Even if she has a word or two of criticism for you, avoid retaliation and rather listen it out quietly and reply with a smile that you know can melt her heart. You shouldn’t forget that marriage is a relationship of two equal mortals where ego should never have any space. The age-old question, how to express love to wife, has one very obvious answer.

5. Be Her Pillar

How To Express Love To Wife - Be Her Pillar

There might be times when your wife might just feel stranded in her life due to some professional hiccup or some issues with family, friends, co-workers etc. Instead of behaving like a critic desperate to lash out with verbal blows, be someone whom she can always consider as her ultimate anchor. Even if you know it is something wrong that she has done, pace your words in a way that she doesn’t start feeling overly guilty and anxious of what she did. Some men tend to alienate their wives when a situation goes sour and their own individual pride is at stake. Standing beside with your wife in trying times is one of the best, and sweetest ways of expressing your love to her.

6. Be Faithful

How To Express Love To Wife - Be Faithful

Most men have a tendency to get transfixed to an another woman even when they have their lady-love sitting right across them. One might rule it out as natural, biological, accidental… the list of ludicrous reasons can go on, but don’t forget that the simple act of superficial promiscuity can leave a deep wound in the heart of the wife. Showing loyalty is the best way of bringing a sense of security in your bond and reinforcing the love in your relationship. Tell her that for you she is the only woman in this universe and see her break into one of those cute smiles.

7. Huddle, Cuddle And Sleep Together

How To Express Love To Wife - Huddle, Cuddle And Sleep Together

A few years into marriage and the husband starts preferring the sofa in the drawing room over the comfy bed in the bedroom for his night’s sleep. While it might not seem like a big deal initially but one fails to realise that the bedroom is one of the best places to make the finest expression of love. Pull up a blanket and cuddle with your beloved. If she seems a bit stressed, give her a massage. Physical intimacy is another way of developing a sense of reassurance and acceptance towards each other, and a running theme, when it comes to the ‘how to express love to wife’ topic. Even if your wife loathes her own physique, the bed makes a great place to assure her that no matter what she thinks of herself, for you she will always be a wonder woman.


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