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How To Find A Boyfriend 10 Impressive Tip For Single Ladies

It has been a while since you broke up with someone. You may have gone through the stages of grief, or you may not yet have experienced the bitter-sweet journey of love. But at any point, meeting someone or meeting ‘the one’ can be an extremely daunting task. It may be overwhelming after a long-term relationship, or you may be an anxious person in general. By keeping some of the following thoughts in mind, finding a boyfriend will not be such drudgery any more.

1. Stay Positive

Having a great attitude itself can be a very attractive quality in a woman. A positive and energetic, yet composed and mature woman is without a doubt the greatest catch for any man. If you are already someone with such a magnetic charm then play on your strengths when you meet someone new.

2. Be More Outdoor-sy

It is almost a given that if you need to meet people, you have to move out of that couch. Stop keeping yourself indoors, and cooped up in a room all day. Go out and take in some sunshine and explore the world. A woman who enjoys being outdoors, and soaking up some sun, is always a charm.

3. Attend Events

Events like re-unions, office get-together, or any other social gathering can be great places to meet the right guy. You can chat him up over a glass of bubbly, or the right glance across the hall when your eyes briefly meet. Oh, come on, everyone has moves!

4. Can-Do Attitude

If you are someone who gives up on the littlest of obstacles, then stop whining about little things in life. Take time (or meditate) and embrace an attitude with which anything is possible.

5. Welcome Adventures

Are you the introverted type? Or are you just too nervous about insects outside? Well, go on an adventure on your to-do list. Seeking adventures engages your body and mind, and well, who isn’t turned on by a woman who enjoys kayaking or has at least tried it?

6. Benchmarks Don’t Harm

If you have made bad choices in the past, now is not the time to compromise. You deserve the best. Keep a standard that a man must meet in your eyes, to be the perfect partner. This is more about compatibility than being demanding. Don’t settle for anything less than what you are worth.

7. Be Approachable

I have definitely asked my friends what they first thought of me when they met me. If you have never done that, you should definitely do it. As clichéd as it gets, the first impression does really matter. Learn from your friends about your body language and conversational style, and find out if you give an approachable vibe.

8. Ixnay to Comfort-Zone!

Step out of your comfort-zone and do something new today. You could be gardening for the first time in a long time, and just met ‘the one’ standing on the other side of the fence. OMG! It also gives you more things to do and grow as an individual.

9. Go Beyond Looks

If you are into a guy for his bangs, or his half-smile, or his blazer— stop thinking you are still in high school. If that’s how it started with your ex, then he is ex for a good reason. Go beyond just the looks and find a meaningful relationship with a partner who is compatible with you on important things.

10. Stay Healthy And Attractive

A healthy mind and body can do half the job of finding an excellent partner, because there is no one more attractive than someone whose mind and body are in sync. You are more energetic, and perform better in work and personal activities, and are more focused in day-to-day tasks. Just living fuller days can pull your prospective partner to you like a moth to a flame.


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