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How To Get Over Someone You Love Deeply. But They Don't

I’m a total movie maniac. A sucker especially for romcoms. I like happy endings. Oh go on, judge me. I am not ashamed to admit it. Romcoms are all about finding love and happy endings, real life though is such a far cry from that breezy world.

Love and what follows, even sometimes the heart breaks in movies seem to have a method to its madness, a definitive timeline before the protagonist finds the silver lining. I’ve had a few heartbreaks and they were nothing like the movies. They seemed like extended versions that stretched over a lot of gloomy days.

The truth is, there is no easy way to get over someone, is there? You thought it would last and yet here you are moping. Very often a relationship and the person become a habit. You find your rhythm and you make it a habit. It’s not necessarily the breakup itself that’s difficult, it’s what comes after. You having to pick up the pieces and move on. While that sucks, it is also necessarily. So if you have been here and are looking and how to get over someone you love, this is path you need to follow.

1) The Inevitable

How to get over someone you love? For starters bawl your eyes out and go through all the memorabilia and feel sorry for yourself. Yes. You read it right. Do it, but make it quick. If you pretend that it’s ok not go through this charade, it’s gonna come and hit you when you least expect it. You’ll be in a meeting and the watch which he gifted you on your birthday or your 2nd year together will trigger it. So, cry it out and then get rid of the stuff.

2) The Tough Part

Acknowledge that it’s over, don’t hang on to it. It felt easy to write that sentence, it sucks having to actually do it. I know. But it’s an important step to how to get over someone you love. You could still be harboring hope for a reconciliation and lord knows that person would’ve already moved on.

3) Get Together With Your Buddies

How to get over someone you love? Let your friends help. Let your best friend diss the person, get drunk and giggle over the annoying habits and embarrassing details about your ex. It’s immature but it’s the best way for you to vent out all the anger and other emotions you have bottled in, especially if this was that kind of toxic relationship. You can be mature and deal with it like an adult after a while. For now giggle, cry, gripe and vent.

4) Do Something New

Pick up a new hobby, or pursue the one that you gave up to make time for your relationship. Whether it’s pottery or dance or joining a yoga class. It’s very uplifting to be doing something new or doing something you enjoy doing. You don’t have to aim for a PhD, or you could if that’s what you want to, the sky’s the limit right now. Keep your mind occupied.

5) Start Dating. Again

Start dating again. Yup. You might rebound but, at least you’ll have figured out how to get over someone you love; and you’ll move on, a lot faster.

At the end of the day, no matter what anyone tells you to do or advises you, the only person that can help you move on is you. Don’t be harsh on yourself, it’s natural to keep remembering your ex. The good memories will hurt you the most. Be respectful of them but don’t hold on. Don’t let the broken relationship or your ex define you. They were just a part of your life. Now they are not. As impossible as it seems now. You will fall in love again.


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