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How To Know If You Are In Love

How to know if you are in love? Well, that’s a tricky one. Love is a feeling like no other. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy, while also giving you a ‘high’ of a different kind. You feel like you are floating in the clouds and your senses are knocked-out by a person who suddenly becomes the centre of all your attention; it is then you realise that you have fallen in love, or you had something weird to eat. You may be lonely. Yes but how to know if you are in love?

How To Know If You Are In Love And You Don’t Get It Yet:

In spite of all the indicators, it can get difficult to exactly tell whether you are in love but there are certain tell-tale signs that will point you in the right direction. Want to know what they are? Here are 10 signs, if you’re wondering how to know if you are in love.

1. You Can’t Even Go An Hour Without Thinking About Your Beloved

If he/she is always on your mind, and has become the main theme of your thoughts then you have definitely fallen for that person. This should happen consistently thought, every day. And this does not mean you’re ‘madly in love‘ or anything. Having the constant thoughts of someone, seven days a week, is a classic indicator of developing feelings of love for the person whom you were once just attracted to. It’s a basic of ‘how to know if you are in love’.

2. You Cannot Imagine A Life Without That Person

In your dream-world, you have become the life partner of your loved one, and when you wake up, you sincerely feel like doing the same in the real world too. If that is the case, then you have definitely fallen in love. In fact, it could be the sign that you have finally found your soul-mate, since we’re breaking down that age old quest, “how to know if you are in love?”.

3. You Feel Like A Better Person

How to know if you are in love? Actions, of course. Does he/she inspire you to go to gym every day? Does he/she motivate you to have a positive outlook towards life? Does it all seem like a magical change in those Hollywood love story movies? If that person is bringing hordes of positive changes in your life, and you are loving every bit of it, then it is quite likely that you have fallen in love with that individual. You also feel like a totally different and better person since that individual entered your life, and you completely credit it to him/her.

4. You Are Okay With The Person’s Flaws

This means you have accepted that individual exactly the way he/she is. It does not mean that you should not help rectifying those flaws in case your beloved wants to address them. If you are a couple who can lovingly laugh at each other’s imperfections then congratulations, you don’t need an answer for ‘how to know if you are in love’, but how to stay in love, coz you are perfect soul-mates.

5. You Enjoy Even The Little Moments Spent Together

Even going for some grocery shopping with that person feels like an exciting date. No matter how little the time spent with that person or how trivial the outing, you feel like you’re on the top of the world when your beloved is by your side. That feeling of happy excitement is exactly how to know if you are in love.

6. You Are Ready To Make Compromises For That Person

sure, you may be wondering how to know if you are in love for sure. So we’ll take it up a notch. Are you ready to move to a new city, or a new place, just to be in the company of that person? No matter where you are, you always feel at home as long as you are by his/her side, and you are ready to do anything for that.

7. Your Relationship With That Person Has Survived All Odds

And this means that you have always stayed good friends in spite of all the ups and downs. You have faced it all together and ensured that you still maintain the best rapport. In fact, the low points of life truly test your love. It’s the most tested way to on how to know if you are in love.

8. You Are Ready To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

He speaks a language you don’t know. You don’t have time to learn the language, but decide to take up some night classes sacrificing your sleep. All this, just to be able to communicate with him better. If that is exactly the case then you have definitely fallen in love with the person since you are ready to walk that extra mile just to improve the relationship. How to know if you are in love? Lol, the things we do for love..

9. You Feel Comfortable Talking About Romantic Things With Your Beloved

One of the best tell-tale signs of not loving a person is that you avoid talking about romantic and mushy things with him/her. You even avoid watching romantic films together. But if your case is exactly opposite of that then it can be a stark indicator of your true feelings, if you are confused about how to know if you are in love.

10. You Don’t Hide Your Weaknesses

You display your weaknesses only to the one you know will never take advantage of it. And that person has to be someone you love. If you find yourself being candid about the sore points of your personality with a person then he/she has definitely developed a special place in your heart.


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