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How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You?

Does that thought take up most of your thinking time, and you don’t seem to arrive at one sure-fire way of doing that? You’re not lost, my friend. And you’re definitely not alone. Many of us are in this place in our lives, but some of the right answers to this can change your life in a day. Here are 10 ways to be the best ‘you’, and make any man fall in love with the bestest version of ‘you!’

1. Be Confident

Be the most confident self that you are, because guys really dig women who know what they are and what they want. Make eye contact when you are in a conversation with him, or even in a group. Eyes can speak volumes without the need for any explanation. They can be a real source of bonding between two individuals. He can see you, and you can see him, without barriers.

2. Listen… And Talk

Being a good listener can generally win you good support and ground in any relationships, be it in the office, or home, or friends. If you can show a person that you are a good listener, it keeps them close to you without the need to think too much about it. They’re comfortable with you, and you are not indifferent or distracted when in a conversation because you’re listening. And also, don’t just talk; have a conversation. Have meaningful conversations with him, which he can think about later when he is alone. That is a good way to get into his mind.

3. Don’t Dress Flashy: Just Be!

Guys generally hate it when women dress up all flashy with a lot of eye shadow and rouge. Not to say makeup is not advisable, don’t make it too obvious that you’re after him. That can scare people off sometimes. Just dress comfortably and be yourself.

4. Smile, And Laugh Aloud

They say you should laugh a lot at a guy’s jokes, if you want him to fall for you. But really, you don’t have to laugh if it’s not funny. Also, often a man loves a woman who can crack him up with a joke. So keep your sense of humour, because it adds to your charm.

5. Respect Your Personal Time, And His

You can be assured that this is one of the most effective ways to get a man to really acknowledge you for what you are. If you have your appointments in the week, and respect that when determining whether you are available to hang out with him or not, it is perfectly all right. It shows you are someone who respects their personal time and also that of others. It is important for any healthy relationship to have both the partners respect each other’s time and space.

6. Ask About Family

When in conversation with him, gently drop in some questions about family. Everybody has a different relationship with their family; some are close to them like super-glue, or some averse due to how claustral they find their family. But just showing an interest in their upbringing can make men feel they can confide in you, and see how you can be a potential ‘relationship material’ partner.

7. Keep Yourself Updated, But Don’t Stalk!

Have an idea about some of the important dates in your guy’s current life. It could be the driver’s license test, or him preparing for the GRE or CAT exam, or a job interview, or any such thing. Don’t keep tabs on his movements. That’s… well, not healthy. But keeping yourself updated with his little or big events can show you are supportive and caring – prized traits in a good partner.

8. Share Ideas, And Interests

Show him that you are a person of ideas and interests of your own, and be participative in his interests too. That can be a great way to bond with the other person. A good relationship must have more than a single thing that keeps the relationship going. Basically, no matter how good the sex is or isn’t, that needn’t be the only factor determining a good relationship. Sharing your thoughts, ideas, interests and opinions, in appropriate ways and times, can showcase the wholesome person that you are. You can argue for your beliefs even if you have a difference of opinion with him. A woman who can stand for her own beliefs, is the woman of this age. A man loves a woman who stands her ground. Stay true!

If you are a binge-watcher, or a silent long-novel reader, or someone with a deep fear of snakes, it doesn’t hurt to put that info in once in a while. Sharing some of your quirks can actually increase the comfort shared by the two of you as individuals.

9. Take Walks Together

Of all things, a walk can make a difference in your life. Walking together isn’t just about being romantic, the cool grass touching your feet, or just a couple of people enjoying the sidewalk of a busy road. Walking is a very basic thing that we all do. Taking walks with him will make him associate you with one of the simplest tasks in his day – walking. He will miss your talking, your laugh, your smile, every time he walks without you. You can make a simple thing like walking so much better for him, by just being yourself. It is amazing how this can work for anybody. Maybe one of these walks will become a ‘walk to remember!’

10. Lil’ Surprises

Did he ever mention that he loves gajar ka halwa? Or does he love Star Wars? Men love surprises just as much as women do. It is not a secret. But it’s not a popular truth, in relationships especially. Talk about gender discrimination, am I right? Cooking up something special for him, or signing up for any movie marathon of his liking, or any sweet lil’ surprise like that can just bowl him over.

So next time you think of how to make a man fall in love with you, remember the points you just read. But as a pre-requisite to these, remember to love yourself!


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