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Funny Love Stories: 10 Goofy Tales Shared By Real Couples

Funny Love Stories: 10 Goofy Tales Shared By Real Couples

Even the most cynical amongst them cannot resist their allure. After all, we’re just waiting to find (or in the process of living) our very own such story. But since some love stories can be deep, sincere, somber and solemn, we decided to balance the equation and bring you some equally affectionate, but funny love stories.

1. The Fake Boon Of ‘Soon’

(My boyfriend has recently gotten obsessed with a newly released online game, and since our computers are in different rooms, we often lazily message each other if we need something. He’s been playing the game almost all day.)

Me: “Come over here and love me!”

Boyfriend: “Soon.”

(Ten minutes go by, so I get up and go to him.)

Boyfriend: “What do you want?”

Me: “You’re taking too long.”

Boyfriend: “I’ll be there soon!”

Me: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

(At the time I submitted this story, he still is playing his game…)

Don’t we all know this word and the problems related to it? Most women complain about their guys being too invested in their virtual worlds – the world that makes them forget about food, sleep, jobs and even girlfriends. A cliche among funny love stories but funnily true enough.

2. Don’t Go Grand Stealing My Heart

(I am playing ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ and my boyfriend is watching me. I’m running across the road and a car hits me. I proceed to pull out the driver, beat him to death, then pour gasoline over him and his car and light them both on fire.)

Boyfriend: “Dang, remind me not to mess with you.”

Me: “Don’t watch me while I’m playing this game. It will make you want to break up with me.”

Another classic example of impromptu comedy in funny love stories, and how online games bring out a different side of you. All of us have different sides to us – the one who we are when we’re alone, the one when we are out in public, the one when we are with the lover and the one while playing a game. Even the most shy and sober people are known to have turned violent in the virtual world.

3. The Return Of The King-Sized Portions

(I am at home studying for exams. I am a pre-med student currently revising the digestive tract. I’m also a huge Tolkien fan. This is a text I sent to my fiancé:)

Me: “Oh, no! I haven’t had breakfast or second breakfast yet, and it’s almost elevenses!”

The cutest thing about funny love stories is when the partners start understanding each other’s movie references. It is when you finally shed all your inhibitions and can be your loony self with them without being ashamed of it. Imagine putting out a reference to The Lord Of The Rings and not being judged! How cool is that?

4. Bewitching Music

(I am a practising witch, whereas my fiancé is non-religious. This conversation happens during our discussing on moving in together.)

Me: “Do you mind if I hang witchy stuff on our bedroom walls?”

Fiancé: “Go for it. Just as long as I can hang whatever I want up, too.”

Me: “Sure thing! What kind of stuff?”

Fiancé: *thinks for a moment* “Severed goat’s heads.”

Me: *shocked* “Those are invoking the wrong kinds of spirits!”

Fiancé: “Yeah, the metal kind! There will be only one religious holiday in our household, and it will be the Sabbath. The Black Sabbath!”

It is crazy when people with different religious backgrounds get together, not all of them turn out okay, but they all do turn out funny love stories. And it is even more fun to watch how they make their differences work to be able to live together. I personally love this story because of its reference to the legendary rock band The Black Sabbath.

5. Some Proper Meaty Puns

(My boyfriend and I are doodling on paper while we wait for our food. We both love puns.)

Me: “I luff you!”

Boyfriend: “Meat loaf you, too.”

(I think he’s a keeper!)

It’s awesome when two people who are pun-ny fall in love. Their doodle times, and lovey dovey talks get so much more interesting and adorable, like this winner of funny love stories here!

6. A Sign Of A Healthy Relationship

(My boyfriend is driving me home after a date and accidentally misses a stop sign, which brings on this exchange.)

Boyfriend: “Whoops… missed a stop sign. Well, there are no cops around, and I’m sure you’ll forgive me.”

Me: *deadpan* “Nope, sorry. I mean, I love you and all, but you missed that stop sign. That was the very boundary securing our relationship. We’re so over.”

Boyfriend: *over-dramatically fake sobbing* “I’VE RUINED EVERYTHING OVER A STOP SIGN! I SHOULD’VE KNOWN!”

Me: *can’t keep from laughing* “You’re such a ham! I’m sorry, babe. I love your fake sobbing; it’s so over the top!”

Boyfriend: “Of course it is! That’s the point! You start out small, and then grow in intensity until…” *starts wailing over-dramatically again*

Me: *wailing along with him, until we both can’t keep from breaking down laughing*

Boyfriend: “So that just happened…”

Me: “Yup. We really are lame.”

Boyfriend: “Indeed we are, my dear. And I wouldn’t have us any other way.”

You know you’re meant for each other when you can manage to pull off a lame role-play without it getting awkward. It is truly the sign of a healthy relationship when both the partners can comfortably be stupid with each other with full confidence in the fact that they will not be judged, funny love stories or not.

7. In A Pretty Pickle

(My fiancé and I are browsing the aisles when he suddenly points at a gallon jar of pickles.)

Fiancé: “For the longest, I didn’t know that pickles were pickled cucumbers.”

Me: *blinks at him* “What?”

Fiancé: *nods* “Yeah I didn’t know that they were cucumbers until I was nearly a teenager.”

Me: *laughs and pats his hand* “You’re lucky you’re pretty.”

(He shrugged it off. For the record, he’s actually very intelligent and, in his defence, he hates pickles so probably never closely examined one.)

Another sign of a healthy relationship is when both the partners can easily be honest about their confessions knowing fully that it’s probably going to be a reason for them to me made fun of FOREVER! You know every time you make a stupid mistake, your lover is going to bring up that one embarrassing story of yours, but still, you’re comfortable being made fun of when it comes to them. And all that serious stuff aside, this is one of those funny love stories you tell your kids.

8. A Fair Degree(s) Of Certainty

(I am cooking frozen pizza at home. My fiancé is also in the kitchen.)

Me: *holding the frozen pizza* “What do the instructions say?”

Fiancé: “Umm… 230° for 12 minutes.”

Me: “Right, 240° for 15 minutes.”

Fiancé: *baffled*

(The pizza turned out perfect; you just have to know your oven!)

Trust and understanding are two basic principles of a happy relationship. You have to know when to blindly trust your partner. It is one of the things that lead to a happy and content relationship. Also, you must always listen to the one who handles the kitchen, or funny love stories will turn into kitchen disasters!

9. Your Technique Is Dated

(I work in a factory. I have a male co-worker who I get on with better than the others, but wouldn’t want to socialise with him outside of work. He approaches me during our shift.)

Co-worker: “I think we should try dating.”

Me: “What?”

Co-worker: “We should date.”

Me: “Err, sorry. You seem like a nice guy, but I’m not interested. No offence.”

Co-worker: “You could at least try going on a date with me.”

Me: “No, thanks. I’m not interested.”

Co-worker: “Why not?”

Me: “Does it matter? No. I don’t want to go on a date with you.”

(He continues to try and get me to go on a date with him, for another 30 minutes. I ignore it until:)

Co-worker: “Are you a lesbian?”

Me: “No, I’m not. I’ve also changed my mind. You don’t seem like a nice guy at all. P*** off and leave me alone.”

(He is now my husband.)

Some of the greatest funny love stories start with an awkward first meeting/interaction. Isn’t that what we all see in movies? Characters being at loggerheads and then falling hopelessly in love with each other? It’s almost amazing when real life too turns out to be so filmy.

10. My Love For You Is Sprawling

(I’m lying on the edge of our bed with my boyfriend talking to me. He goes to sit beside me and I offer to give him some room so he can sit down on the bed. He takes the space I offer then proceeds to sprawl across me.)

Me: *jokingly* “I offered you space to sit; not to lie across me.”

He: “If you give a mouse a cookie…”

This is so true!! Sprawling awkwardly across your partner is somehow the most comfortable position to be in. Nobody knows why it is so but I would like to believe that it’s probably because of all the love and warmth in their body that gives you such a cozy feel!

So these were some of the funny love stories I found! It’s amazing how each of them gives a clear picture of what real-life love stories are like. Such love stories make you believe that love in the common man’s world is possible and is probably sweeter than what you and me see in movies. Any funny cute love stories from your life too?


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