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How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Very Special?

Who doesn`t like some extra attention? Do you count yourself lucky to have found him? Every time you look at him, do you whisper a secret thanks to the higher powers above? If your boyfriend makes you very happy and you are in a perfect relationship, you will find yourself praying that nothing jinxes it. But it is always better to go that extra mile to make him feel special Here are a few ways to make him feel special…

1. Psst….Want to know a secret?

How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special - Tell Him A Secret

Tell him something you haven’t shared with anyone else. It needn’t be a tell-all that reveals your vulnerabilities. Say you are intrigued by the occult and read books on the paranormal (if you actually do, that is). You may not have confided this to anyone for fear of being ridiculed, but telling him will convey that you trust him with things that no one else knows about you.

2. Be His Muse, As He Paints The Canvas Of Life

How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special - Be His Muse

Be his strength and inspiration as he marches ahead in life. Let him feel like you are his own personal cheerleader. Try to cultivate a healthy interest in his world and try to be privy to his innermost thoughts. Encourage him to follow his heart, even if he has uncommon dreams.

3. Let Him Be The Man

How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special - Let Him Be The Man

Masculinity is traditionally aligned with the role of a provider and a protector. Men are enculturated with masculine values and they need to be allowed some expression of these values to feel comfortable in your life. Finding the golden mean between clingy and extremely independent is crucial, if you don’t want him to feel burdened or unwanted. Don’t make him a bystander in your life, even if you know what you want, it wouldn’t hurt to get his opinion on things. Men see themselves as problem-solvers and must be able to live that ideal. You may very well be able to lift that bulky carton out of the way, but seek his help all the same. Men love to be the ‘knight in shining armour’, if you play a damsel in distress.

4. Not Transactional But Transformational

How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special - Help Him Work Through His Troubles

Knowing his mind and his inner struggles not only places you in a position of privilege but also one of responsibility. Helping him work through his troubles will surely elevate the bond between the two of you and create a positive aura around your presence in his life.

5. Meet The ‘Significant’ Others

How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special - Meet The Important People In His LIfe

In the beginning, it’s only the two of you, but as you become sure of one another you must expand your world to include each other’s friends and family. You need not be best friends with all his friends, but being on good terms with his close circle won’t hurt. Introduce him to your family and friends, tell them how happy he makes you and how much you love this charming man, some PDA wouldn’t hurt either. Your boyfriend will not only feel special but will redouble his efforts to be the best he can be for you.

6. Cook Up A Storm And Season It With Love

How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special - Cooking For Him

Cook all his favorite foods and set up a romantic dinner date for the two of you in the comfort of your home. For those who feel seriously challenged at cooking, baking is a great option. To make the evening more special, you could sing a few lines of his favourite love song, or express how you feel about him through a few lines of simple poetry.

7. Game Nights And ‘His’ Time

Everyone needs to have some ‘me’ time or time with their friends doing things that they like. If it’s game night, unless you are as much of an enthusiast as he is, let him have the night off with his boys. If you have been thinking of a gift for him, prime tickets to a ‘big match’ for him and his buddies is going to make him happier than a shirt or a tie.

8. He Is Mine And Not Yours

How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special - He Is Mine And Not Yours

Being mildly jealous or possessive of him will definitely make him feel special and wanted. If you are passing by an attractive women, moving closer and holding his hands will not only make him smile in amusement, but will make it clear you don’t want to lose him to another. Another way to show he is special is not taking him for granted. Try a new look and dress up to impress him.

9. Prize Every Moment, Celebrate Each Reunion

Every time you set eyes on him, let your face light up and let your pleasure at seeing him shine through your eyes. The way our furry friends do loving reunions to make us feel special is an excellent guide on how to do this. Send him off with a smile on your lips and a warm hug and greet him with a kiss and a hug when you see him next, even if it’s only a few hours later. Tell him often how much he means to you and how happy he makes you, even if it seems clichéd to mouth that ‘I love you’ every day, it will reassure him of your love and his special place in your life.

10. Be There For Him And With Him

How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special - Be There For Him And With Him

Find ways to spend time together doing a variety of things. You can volunteer together or could adopt a pet, or even try something adventurous together.

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