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How To Manifest Love: 8 Practical And Easy Ways

You still remember the day your colleague updated her relationship status and shared clicks of her hot love interest? You had to endure a mini battle between your envy-mixed-curiosity and a desire to avoid prying into another’s life. It was a short battle. You gave in and clicked your way into the guy’s profile. You are hoping he doesn’t tick all the boxes on the checklist. If he does, you will start thinking along the lines of… “I have been looking for love far longer, and equally deserve the perfect love….Why her? And, why not me?!” Hmmm… Fair question.

We would love to know the answer to that mysterious ‘how to manifest love’ bit too. Why is it that some of us seem so lucky in love (repeatedly too!), in finding the right partners and in having fulfilling relationships? And there are some who struggle for the lone relationship that will help build those loving memories they crave.

Is it EQ, IQ or social savvy that’s doing the trick for the lucky ones? Or do they actually call on the very universe and ask them how to manifest love?

We cannot tell you what exactly worked in your colleague/friend’s favour – was it her superior social skills or plain luck? But, we can share some easy and doable tips that will help you manifest love in your life. Start working on these steps and it won’t be long before love finds its way into your life.

1. Love Yourself

“Love thyself, before you love another.”

Sounds like a breeze, but it’s a tall order for most of us. But whether you like it or not, knowing how to manifest love is knowing how to love yourself. Self-love is not about taking pride in one’s accomplishments and meeting social benchmarks of successful living. It’s being at peace with yourself. Finding love is not about fulfilling yourself through another, it’s feeling complete in oneself. It comes with the realisation that the key to love and happiness lies within us and can be tapped at will.

2. He Is Out There Somewhere

A few misses and false flags should not make you lose hope and become a cynic. The one you desire is out there somewhere and part of knowing how to manifest love is understanding that he/she will find his/her way to you sooner or later. Don’t let yourself believe otherwise.

3. Make Way For The New

Clear out the cobwebs of past relationships to clear space in your heart for the one you seek; how can you manifest love in a place that does not welcome love? What many don’t realise is that resentment binds you to your past. And old scars can mar new relationships.

4. Await The Right Time

Enjoy your single life. Cherish the love you have. Make awesome memories with your friends, family and other loved ones. Don’t look at the glass as half empty!

5. Know Your Type

tep 5 of how to manifest love is knowing your type. Be clear about what you desire in a partner. Trying to find the ‘one’ without a mental image of what you seek, is akin to stumbling around blindfolded.

6. Law Of Attraction

You have heard of this countless times! But simple logic dictates that a guy with XYZ qualities will relate easily to someone with a similar complement of traits. So if you want to know how to manifest love, start by being the kind of person you wish to attract into your life.

7. Stake Claim

so you now know how to manifest love; great, here’s the next step. If you encounter what you seek, don’t miss the bus! Leave all your fears, insecurities and hesitance behind and give yourself an honest chance.

8. Be A Cool Cat

Learn to trust yourself and the one you are interested in. Be relaxed and confident, you are not in a rat race! Instead, imagine yourself taking the slow boat to everlasting love. Let the magic of love unfold slowly and savour every moment of it.

Love is in the air and everywhere. It’s something you must believe in. For, when he looks in your eyes, he must find it there.


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