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How To Overcome Love Depression ?

Just because something wasn’t working out doesn’t mean that two adults, who discussed reasonably the demerits of the relationship and how unrewarding its continued existence would be, can just move on like nothing happened. And that’s how we’re here, asking how to overcome love depression.

We’re not even going to go into unrequited love, or love ended by unfortunate incidences, no matter what they may be. Love depression, or thinking about your (erstwhile) love so much that it becomes suffocating and takes control of your thoughts, is, well, very much possible. Here’s what you need to do to snap out of it:

1. Realise You Need To Snap Out Of It

The drama of failed love is in itself addictive, like a rotten drug you know is no good for you but you cannot seem to get away from. The key to knowing how to overcome love depression, is to recognise that these patterns of behaviour are no good for you now or in the long run, and aren’t going to help you find lasting love in any way.

2. Get Away From All Things Love

Watch a John McClane flick instead of one that stars Gerard Butler, change up your playlist and stop the constant back and forth reading of WhatsApp messages or emails that you had exchanged with your “ex.” Steer clear of any new men or women in your life. Stop it. You need none of that stuff right now. You need to detox. So detox.

3. Exercise

Some of the steps of working with the question, how to overcome love depression, are really similar to working with depression. Exercise is one of those steps, not just with depression, but with de-addiction too. Yes, it’ll eventually get you noticed more by the opposite sex, but that’s not the point. It’s good for you and your brain. Endorphins are inherently awesome, as is the fact that you’re going to be taking your mind off things for a while every day.

4. Get A New Routine

Depending on how long you’ve been caught up in the love that has got you feeling so low, losing it or being on the brink of losing it can be a serious shake up; I mean, it’s all you’ve known for so long. How to overcome love depression, that simply phrases question, doesn’t even come close sometimes. Still, don’t let this excellent opportunity for change just pass you by. Get a new routine, maybe a dance or language class, maybe those photography walks you’d been wanting to take in the mornings for so long, or even a course that might see you leave the dreary work you’re currently tasked with.

5. Vent

Even though you vowed to not send them a text ever again, you’ll send them three on one idle Tuesday night. You might even swear in one of them. You might be so mushy in the next one, you wish you’d sworn. And when you don’t get a reply (or worse, a monosyllabic reply), you’ll weep and you’ll howl and your best friend will comment on your dark circles the next day at work. If you’re really smart, then get your best friends, the most trusted one or two, and just let it all out, minus a brain to mouth filter.

And that’s okay. Grieving isn’t pretty, but it’s important. So allow yourself the privilege to really feel and not bottle your emotions.

6. Give It Time

Remember, this too shall pass and that time heals all wounds. You are stronger than you think. You’ve just got to wait it out, that’s the tough part.

No heavy duty stuff here. Simple steps to follow to get back to being you. All it takes is a firm resolve to let go of the past and get set for what’s to come. If you are feeling really low and none of the steps (or anything) seem to work at all, then don’t shy away from seeing a professional. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. It is your life and it is very precious. So make the best of it.


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