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How To Prove Your Love ?

So you’re with someone and you love them, but maybe they’re not sure about your intentions. Maybe you have a past that they know of, maybe you have a past with them and you’ve hurt them before. It could be anything that sees them not trusting you as much as you would like, hence the current predicament of ‘how to prove your love’ to them. Fair enough.

A Word Of Warning

We’re going to apply a some logic when it comes to knowing how to prove your love. Required or warranted once in a while, now and then, is fair. And sometimes doing stuff spontaneously without being asked first is really great, but if you’re with someone who constantly needs you to ‘prove’ your love, and he or she says that all this is not enough, and that’s been the recurring theme of all your fights for the last two months, then there’s something off; either on your side, or the other persons, or, worst case scenario, at both ends. Doing extra special stuff once in a while for each other is sweet and all, but you’ve both got lives to live, and work to do, so someone demanding that you do this all the time, every day, is a no-no, no matter your sexual identity, or role in the relationship, or who tops or belongs in the kitchen.

Also, doing anything you’re uncomfortable with, like any sexual favors, demeaning acts or anything you’ll regret later is a no-no. It may hurt more to say ‘no’ now and be accused of not loving enough, or getting dumped for it, but doing any of the above will hurt much more in the long run. Don’t be used; doing stuff to reach that mark on how to prove your love is one thing, but this is about your self-respect, not about pride. There’s a difference.

Proving Your Love

When it comes to proving your love, there must be something specific that your partner has in mind that they accuse you of not being sincere about. There could even be that one sphere in which you have lost their trust, so targeting this sphere is important.

For example, if they don’t trust you when you go out, or you have given them reason to not trust you (we’re not judging), then you’re best off focusing on this area. How to prove your love, in this case, becomes a simple matter of making sure to text them often, and including a selfie of the people you are with. Better still, if possible, take your partner along with you once in a while and show them off, as well as show them what you get up to on your night out. Such actions will go a long way in easing their mind and will show them that you are sincere with what you say.

Apart from targeted actions, there are a number of ways by which you can show your partner that you truly love him/her.

1. Planning Spontaneous Dates

Nothing shows your partner you care about them more than when you want to spend time with them, so don’t wait for them to make plans all the time.

2. Making Them Their Favourite Meal

How to prove your love, like for real? Food. The only person apart from you who cooks them their favourite food (or gets a takeaway) is their mom. That’s real love, right there.

3. Listen

Communication is so important in a relationship, and what’s even more important than doing the talking is sincerely listening, so make sure to do that.

4. Hang Out With Them

So they watch NBA or are crazily into cross-stitch, far removed from any of your interests. Still, hang out with them on the couch when they’re doing their thing – you don’t have to say anything – you can even curl up next to them and read a book or watch TV. They’ll appreciate it. That’s one of the nicest shortcuts on how to prove your love, just hanging, now and then, like, chill.

5. Kissing And Making Love

Intimacy and love? We will side with this one. Nothing shows appreciation and love like a little intimacy! Maybe take the initiative, or aim to please? Just don’t force it though, or it will seem like you are overcompensating, and that’s no good. Go with the flow. So there you. Get set to prove your love, but don’t overdo anything though.


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