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How To Say I Love You For The First Time ?

If you are in love and you’re worried about how to say I love you for the first time because the whole idea of confessing your feelings to that person for the first time gives you the jitters, do not lose heart. Here is how to say I love you for the first time. These are tried and tested suggestions that actually work. And we guarantee that you wouldn’t mess it up. Go ahead, take a look and give them a try.

1. Whisper The Words At The Right Moment

How to say i love you for the first time? Why not use the sweet-nothings-in-the-moment approach. When sharing a cozy moment together, like on a date or a casual movie outing with him or her, just whisper the words in their ears. The already established rapport and ease of the surroundings will help you to be normal and relaxed. You can share what you have to without feeling too embarrassed or awkward about it.

2. Do Him A Favour Before You Utter The Words

Pick out any chore or work that he or she absolutely detests doing and finish it for them. When they are pleasantly surprised by your kind gesture and thank you for being so affectionate, just casually throw the words at them, saying, “Oh! It’s okay. I do it because I love you.” Isn’t that an amazing excuse to say your feelings out loud?

3. Take An Honest Approach

See the first two ways of how to say I love you for the first time only work when you’re both fairly aware that you already really love each other, words or not. But if you’re not there yet, then here’s how you go about it. Rather than hiding your feelings, honestly confess to your crush how you feel for him/her openly. At the most, you will face rejection as it cannot go worse than that. But if you keep your feelings to yourself, you will never give your love a chance and will always regret not taking a risk in life. Take him/her on a coffee date and express your feelings openly.

4. Dutch Courage

Instead of being awkwardly shy about it, just bring your date home and open a bottle of champagne to raise a toast celebrating this bonding. When you can sense that he or she is also responding positively towards the situation, drop the L-word confidently.

5. Go The Old School Way

If you want to know how to say I love you for the first time in a cool way, make a mix of his/her favourite songs and add some romantic numbers too. In between the playlist, you can record and include a personal message or a music love quote or song declaring your love in the sweetest manner. They will be too amazed at this gesture and would find it an awesome luck to have you in their life.

6. Slip In A Secret Message

If you are too shy to express your love openly, scribble your feelings in a beautiful and scented page, write your name and slip it in a book or bag when he or she is not looking. But do that only when you are quite sure that he/she likes you too and has given you enough hints that they are ready to take it to the next level.

7. Cook Your Date A Sumptuous Dinner

Prepare a dish that they love the most and while having a cosy dinner you can declare your feelings of how much you are in love with that person.

8. Drop The Bomb Casually

The next time your love gets you a nice treat or does something sweet for you, show your cheery side and just casually drop it saying, ‘Oh! I love you for this.’

9. Compliment On Their Sense Of Humour

Now method of how to say I love you for the first time is a tricky one. The person should actually have a good sense of humour for you to compliment him/her about it. Otherwise, leave this one out.

10. Say It Using ‘’Post It’!

It will be really sweet if your love finds a cute and adorable little ‘post it’ on his/her desk or table with your declaration. Again, with this method of how to say i love you for the first time, do that only when you are quite sure that he/she likes you too and has given you enough hints.

11. Home Deliver A Cake

Place an online order for a cake to be home delivered to your love interest with a cute card and your message on it spelling out the words.

12. Drop A Cute Love Letter

If speaking verbally is too hard for you, drop a handwritten love letter carrying all your heart felt emotions and feelings and they will be surely not go unnoticed. And we are not just talking about a short note here. This is some serious stuff and has to be a sweet and honest love letter.

13. Play It With A Sparkler

Get hold of a sparkler and pick the perfect opportunity to make a heart in the air using the sparkler. The glow will stay long enough for him/her to read your confession for sure. When they see the sparkler, they know it’s one method of how to say I love you for the first time, from movies.

14. Strike A Meaningful Conversation

Spend some quality time with him/her and indulge in a deep conversation. Confess your emotions when you also notice how involved he or she is and leave it on them to decide.

Got a little encouragement reading this post on how to say I love you for the first time? Do you have some amazing stories about your first confession of love too? Do share your story with us and spread the love.


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