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How To Show Love To Your Boyfriend ?

Your boyfriend may be the centre of your world and the apple of your eye, but unless he feels it too, what’s the point? Any person in a relationship or not wants to be appreciated, loved and be able to see the love that comes their way. Your boyfriend is no different! It’s a big myth that men and boys don’t want to be pampered – you’ll be surprised! So even though I’m sure you do all that you can to shower your love, if you feel it’s not working or if you feel you need to up your game, try these seven amazing tips that talk about how to show love to your boyfriend.

1. Express Yourself In Ways More Than One

The most important and definitely the first thing you need to know how to show love to your boyfriend is EXPRESSING YOURSELF! You can do the expressing part in many ways – verbal, non-verbal, gestures, body language, expressions etc. Use all and more to express your love and there is never ‘too much’ of it. Be generous.

2. Compliments Galore

Complimenting your boyfriend will not just make him happy but also show him your assurance and how sure you are about him and your relationship. Compliments need to be genuine and deep felt. Again, be generous with your compliments and don’t just whisper them in private. Catch him off-guard and drop one on him. He will be surprised and happy.

3. Show Off Your Man

Your man would love it when you openly display your love and feelings for him. No, we are not talking about PDA but even the smallest gestures can make a great impact too. Be proud of your boyfriend and let the world know how lucky you feel to be by his side. Its a very direct and open way in you’re wondering how to show love to your boyfriend.

4. Plan Surprises

Planning small surprises is always a good idea. Be it a birthday, a success party, or just any reason that deserves your boyfriend to be the centre of attention. Put on your party planner shoes and make it grand. You could also plan a private and intimate date to celebrate special moments. The important point is to surprise him and plan it all on your own.

5. Put In Special Effort

How to show love to your boyfriend? Well, special efforts never go unnoticed. Be it something as simple as making a handmade card, or cooking a favourite dish… the possibilities are endless. Go that extra mile and do something you would never do, or have never done for someone else. Your boyfriend is sure to be floored!

6. Encourage And Support

Always extend your support and encourage your boyfriend. Be it his dreams, goals or ambitions in life, encourage and support him through and through. There is nothing more a man wants than a source of love and support from that one person (you).

7. Take Interest In His Interests

Your boyfriend will admire and appreciate if you show interest in the things he loves. It may be a sport or an activity. Try to learn more about it or try your hand and enjoy the feeling of doing something together as a team and as a couple.

While there is no set definition of what definitely works for a couple, every couple does figure it out in their own way. Try these seven tips and add more along the way. Your boyfriend deserves to feel loved and be appreciated, so make the effort. And anyway, as the world says – what you give, you receive. So sweetheart, it’s a win-win situation. Do you have any more ideas on how to show love to your boyfriend? Do share them with us and we are sure that our readers would take something from it too.


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