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How To Show Love To Your Girlfriend ?

I’m not a fan of the whole ‘wearing your emotions on your sleeve’ thing but, neither am I someone who is impressed with keeping it all bottled up inside. Broody is sexy, very sexy, but after a while it gets tiresome. Mills and Boons heroes in real life can take an entire village to decode.

So I’m just going to put my perspective out there. As a girl, it’s nice to know you’re loved, appreciated and cherished. But there are guidelines of sort to know how to show love to your girlfriend. And, NO, I don’t, again, DO NOT mean be soppy. It doesn’t mean you pick up the phone and obsessively confess love like a certain hero did in a certain movie and perhaps spurned an entire generation of psychotic lovers and then went on to become the king of romance. I liked him even when he was being psychotic (wow!! I need help).

Okay, So How To Show Love To Your Girlfriend?

You can show love in so many different ways and not all of them involve elaborate speeches or verbal confessions. You just need to know how to make someone feel special.

Sit through a soppy chick flick.

Ok, let’s face this. Most of us like chick flicks. They are predictable, and almost always have happy endings and that’s one of the reasons why we like them. So in light of this fact, how to show love to your girlfriend? To sit through a movie knowing that it will work out at the end is lame. We know. But it’s okay. It’s not like we complain when you rave about the latest mindless action flick. That’s your comfort watch and this is ours. Deal with it. You want to show your girlfriend you love her? Take her to a chick flick voluntarily and sit through it without groaning.

Play chauffeur once in a while.

Yes, we are completely grown, mature (this is best left to one’s own judgement) and self-sufficient individuals, who can figure out our own conveyance. Yet, it’s nice to be picked up from work. To walk out after a long day and find someone who cares for you, waiting to take you home, is a wonderful feeling. You don’t have to do this often. Once in a while is enough to brighten us up. So how to show love to your girlfriend? Go pick her up from work today. Better yet, surprise her. Which brings me to…

Surprise. Surprise.

I personally am not a fan of this. That’s because I like knowing what I’m getting into and also because I’m borderline crazy. Unless the surprise is a trip to Milan with first class flight tickets! Nope not even then. Hey!! I tried.

It need not be an elaborate one. She likes a certain chocolate? Figure out a way to slip it into her bag. You know, stuff like that. If she likes flowers, send some home. They don’t have to be expensive or even materialistic. Surprise her with a home cooked meal and she will love that too.

Maybe, just maybe… just say it!

You’ve sat through crappy plays and soppy movies. You play her chauffeur on a regular basis and you probably surprised her with her favourite perfumes and chocolates too. Or maybe it’s not your style to do all that at all. I just had a brainwave! How to show love to your girlfriend? Just say it to her, those three words. Tell her you love her. It works! Trust me. You aren’t a big fan of articulating emotions? It’s fine. You don’t have to. It’s a small sentence.

In fact, we’ll go a step further! Here’s how to say I Love You in 75 different ways. You’re welcome. Just tell her every now and then. Think of it as girl brain-soul food.

The small gestures.

This last tip on how to show love to your girlfriend is the most important. It really is the little things. And I’ve always been a fan of small gestures. The grand ones are nice too, but the small ones are the ones that make us smile when they flash around in our memory. Try showing your girlfriend love in the way your treat her. Try getting along with the best friend you hate. You know… Small gestures. Try not killing her dog who hates you. Gifts have a shelf life. But what you do for her, she will take with her forever.

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