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How To Understand Committed Love

Love commitment might be just another phrase, but it has a deep meaning. Any and every relationship requires commitment to cement it and make it strong. But what is commitment? Is it just a promise, or much more? What is committed love? Is it any different from ‘just’ love? Now that’s a question I’ve heard many people ask and ponder over. So let’s take a look at some points that show what is committed love.

1. Mutual Understanding

Committed love is built on a strong basis of mutual understanding. Now this may sound a bit obvious, and one may say this is a part of every relationship but mutual understanding goes much deeper. Love commitment is about understanding the unsaid words, unexpressed feelings and everything in between. Both partners in a relationship need to work upon and build the relationship nurtured with complete understanding.

2. Putting Your Partner’s Needs Before Yours

No, I don’t mean you need to be a sacrificing person all the time, but this is something that starts to happen naturally. When the needs of your partner start becoming your priority, you know you are in a serious love commitment. It does not make you feel any lesser nor does it make you feel like you are losing out on something; in fact it gives you great joy and satisfaction.

3. Future Plans

When you can start envisioning a future with your partner, love commitment has seeped in. And no, not just imagining all things bright and beautiful but actually looking at it from a realistic approach. You start working on the future and start making real life goals and dreaming new dreams that include both of you. The future looks wonderful and you can’t imagine anyone better to share it with.

4. Feedback

When two people are in a real love commitment, they are more open to giving and receiving feedback. The feedback could be about individual or joint choices and plans. This is very different from criticism and appreciation, it is more to do with really analyzing the situation and giving your opinion to make things much better. The feedback from a partner needs to be honest and sound.

5. Helping Each Other Grow

A committed couple will always try to help each other grow and evolve for the better. Be it supporting dreams or helping in small and big ways, the main idea is to help your partner become better and achieve greater joy and success. One needs to be a strong pillar that is ready to support and give a positive push when needed.

6. Beyond Beauty

Committed love does not just see the exterior beauty but starts noticing and falling in love with the beauty within. You start seeing every aspect of their personality and individual traits and characteristics that make them unique and so loved by you. It does not matter how the person looks but what the person is on the inside!

7. Lust vs Desire

Physical intimacy strengthens a relationship. But it is when the feeling of desire for your partner takes over the feeling of lust, are you really in an fb official love commitment. It is not mere physical satisfaction but something that satisfies your soul and heart too.

So I hope by now you know whether you are in a committed love relationship or just a romantic one. Every relationship is beautiful as long as you know what your heart really feels. So analyze the aspects of your relationship to understand what it really is and where it’s headed. Once the butterflies in your tummy settle down, only then will you be able to think clearly! So enjoy the love you have and let the love take you higher…


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