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How To Write A Love Letter To Your Boyfriend ?

If you want to go that extra mile to show how much you appreciate him and the fact that he is there in your life, a love letter, written sensuously with a personal touch can be the perfect way to express your deep love in a cutely surprising way. But, how to write a love letter to your boyfriend? In this age of smartphones and messenger apps, it has become so easy to just drop a text to your boyfriend whenever you miss him. So yes, writing a love letter is now tough.

But, wait..

Love letters make perfect sense as unlike text messages and e-mails, they can be treasured forever and the feel of a handwritten love letter on a coloured and scented paper makes it a very special affair. Your boyfriend will love this unique gesture from you and can keep the letter(s) stored for ages, to remind himself always of how much you love him. We have lined up a few tips to help you out in drafting a perfect love letter for your man.

Here’s where you get to know how to write a love letter to your boyfriend.

1. Start With A Rough Draft And Revise It At Least Thrice

How to write a love letter to your boyfriend? Just Start with a basic outline. Do not directly jump into writing the final draft without making a few rough drafts to gather your thoughts in a sequence. It will help you to remove the unnecessary details, spelling mistakes and give you the scope to check the flow of the love letter, and see whether it went as you thought in your heart.

2. Keep Your Thoughts And Language Simple

Men are simple and like to keep things uncomplicated. So if you wanna know how to write a love letter to your boyfriend, to impress your boyfriend, then know that you do not have to use ornate, complex or difficult words. Just say what is in your heart in simple words as it is the feeling that matters and how deeply you love him that you will convey through your love letter.

3. Just Say What Is In Your Heart

Rather than borrowing too much from the conventional examples, be true to your feelings and express how you feel for him in a genuine and affectionate way. He would love to read those words that actually reflect your heart.

4. Make Your Love Letter A Personal And Specific One

Another part of knowing how to write a love letter to your boyfriend is knowing how to add that intimate feel to it. Add personal details such as the memorable dates and moments that make you miss him so much, or some shared aspects or even his likes and dislikes that gives your love letter a unique and personal touch to it.

5. Add Quotes If You Are Fall Short Of Words

Don’t shy away from using love quotes and cute one-liners if you are not sure about how to convey your feelings in your own words. You can also add a short poem or a phrase that is close to his heart and will make his heart skip a beat as he reads the letter.

6. Keep The Length Short And Precise

Try to keep your love letter short yet sweet as no one has the patience to go on and on reading just to be confused and perplexed at the end. Convey your thoughts and feelings in short sentences to reach out the message to your love.

7. Write Keeping In Mind What He Will Appreciate

Always remember that it is for him that you are writing this love letter, so keep in mind that you write in a style that he will appreciate rather than writing what you like. If he prefers mushy love poems, add them and if he prefers your genuine words, even if they are not so polished, do that to win his heart. This is an important part of understanding how to write a love letter to your boyfriend that he’ll like.

8. Concentrate On The Message Than On The Format

The aim of the love letter is not to show your prowess on the language but to express your love and devotion for him. So, instead of being scared that you will be judged on your lack of awareness on the format and grammar skills, pour out your heart and he will surely appreciate the lovely gesture.

9. Add Notes Of Admiration And Appreciation

Another important pointer on how to write a love letter to your boyfriend. Do not take a flat tone while writing a love letter to your boyfriend. It is not just girls who love a bit of flattery and appreciation, but guys too love to be admired genuinely by their partners. You do not have to fake it here, just to impress him. Just highlight the traits you admire the most in him and that will do the trick.

10. Don’t Forget To End It With A Cute Love Message

To conclude, add a sweet love message or a signature phrase that is often used by you two before you bid good-bye to each other after the meetings. Or add a short quote expressing your love for him and end it with showers of love and kisses.

Loved the ideas? Want to share yours? Feel free to do so and write to us or drop a comment. We would love to hear from you.


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