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How To Write The Ultimate Love Letter For Him

While the basic tenets of romance remains the same, you wouldn’t really consider writing a love letter for him in today’s world, with social media, WhatsApp and all the million other ways we have to constantly keep in touch with the ones we’re so devoted to.

However, before the invention of electricity (a mere 180 or so years ago), if your beloved was off to war in a far away land, or off on a quest in a distant village, the only real way you could be in touch was well, by writing a letter – quill and parchment, ink and paper.

So whether you’re interested in some of that old time charm, or if the WiFi is going to be out for a while, here’s all you need to know about sending your love something that they will treasure for the rest of their lives – a handwritten letter of love.

Put Pen To Paper

To begin with the perfect love letter for him, first off, yes, it has to be handwritten. Why, you ask? Well, let’s just say that when it comes to letters, the more personal the better, and a crisp A4 printout is best left to college applications, resumes and other official documents. As for typewriters, let’s just say that he wants to get a communiqué filled with love and longing, and not think that he just received his deceased grandfathers long lost will. Or something like that.

There’s No Need To Have Majored In Calligraphy

Remember that one time when your history teacher docked a couple marks off your well researched and excellently structured answer because she couldn’t make out whether you called Panipat a battle or a general? It works a little differently here. It still has to be legible, of course, but just taking time out and making the effort of writing something down in your own handwriting for someone has enormous significance. And it’s all the more compounded by the nice things that you’re going to say in the letter, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

A Quick Word On The Implements

There’s no need for 500 gsm paper and a biro with a gold plated nib, but it’s also best to refrain from using the inside of an old newspaper by writing your message of love over the unfilled section of the daily crossword with an old refill that an overzealous family member fished out of the waste bin. If your beloved has a keen interest in writing implements or types of paper, you can go ahead and choose accordingly, otherwise you’ll do just fine sticking with what works, i.e., whatever’s around.

The Contents

What you’re going to put in this labour of love depends entirely on your context, of course, and that’s no cop out on our part. A love letter is a piece of memorabilia that gets its inherent value because of two major reasons. The first being, as discussed earlier, the fact that it’s much more natural and fulfilling to stow away a treasured love note in a box or envelope, and to come back to said box or envelope for fond reminiscence at a later date, than it is, say to read an archived email. The “feel” just isn’t there in the latter’s case. The second thing that makes owning a love letter as amazing as it is, is of course what’s written in it. Quite unfortunately, a generic template doesn’t quite do justice to what is to be said within a love letter.

Fret not however, for if what to say exactly in your love letter for him, your beloved, is specific to the context of your relationship, a general list of things to cover in a love letter is something we’ve laid out for you.

Getting Started With The Love Letter

First off, you can start by reiterating your love for him, and the fact that you miss him so much when he is away. It can be a good idea here to use figures of speech to get your point across in a memorable way, and so by comparing his warm embrace to that of the rays of the morning sun, you are saying that being next to him is something that is indispensible and something that you would like every day. Feel free to really look within yourself and whatever feelings you put down on paper will be among the best prose he has read.

Secondly, this is the time to let out things unsaid between the two of you, or feelings that you have left unexplored, or generally anything that is a hard topic to breach over morning coffee. You will find that it is easier to broach these topics on paper, and once you get into a flow, the feelings will pour out of you through your pen and onto the paper. No need to be overly sweet or dramatic here, something heartfelt is much more desirable in the scheme of taking your relationship forward, and for him to read as well. You can either do this by getting your thoughts organized then proceeding to put them down one by one, or you could just let the neurons going off in your brain make up the lines as you go along and just pass that information to your hand.

Thoughts of how close you really are to him; how having him around in your life (not just physically) makes you feel, and what it’s done for you in your life; where the future lies between you two; or even certain hurdles or temporary blocks that stand in the way of the both of you being together forever are all pertinent topics for discussion, and if they seem a bit heavy to be in a love letter, never fear, because the inherent love you feel for him in your heart will see to it that even the heaviest topics of deliberation are penned in sentences that all carry undertones of a quiet optimism, a determined vitality, and a definite radiance.

Now would be a good time in your love letter for him to briefly let him know what else is going with your life and surroundings, and how you spend the majority of your time that you would have spent with him were he near. Fill him in with how the professional or academic front in your life is going, if you’ve made any new friends or even how that cherry tree you’ve planted with his help is coming along. Any recent events that you’ve witnessed and functions that you’ve been a part of will go into this section.

To finish off the letter you can list the things that you are looking forward to in the near future. You can talk a little of how there are certain things that you’re not too keen on, but to end with a positive and optimistic note would be to tell him how much strength you take from his being with you (even if he’s not physically there), and how much you love him and look forward to your next meeting. You can also speak of where you’d like that meeting to be, and what you envision happening in it – feel free to get naughty and creative – just to make him miss you and want to be back all that much more.

A Clean Layout

Remember, this is not a formal letter, it is the physical manifestation of your love in the form of a piece (or several pieces) of paper, that will soon be one of the most prized possessions that your love can boast of. So there’s no need for any frills, just the bulk of your text and perhaps the date to seal the moment in time. You can address your love by whichever way you generally do, add a comma and jump right into your first paragraph. Similarly, while signing off on the letter, you can put down his favourite term for you preceded by a “Your loving girlfriend” or something of a similar nature.

Let’s Look At A Sample Love Letter For Him

My Darling Amit,

Ever since I met you at college that fateful night almost three years ago now, I knew that very instant that I had stumbled upon someone very special. And when you asked me to be your girlfriend at the class outing, I almost messed up saying the word “Yes” in my joy and excitement. It remains the one of the most memorable nights of my life so far.

I want you to know that with each passing day I seem to find myself deeper in love with everything about you, and all of the time that we are together, I feel the same way about you as I did when we first met – special and so very fortunate to be able to have you in my life. Your support and companionship gives me strength in my everyday endeavours, and the knowledge that I have you to come back to makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world, and I couldn’t be happier for it.

You are the love of my life, and the understanding that we share makes me feel as comfortable with you as I’ve never been with anyone before, like you are my closest friend and confidante, the one who’s always there when I’m in need, and I just want you to know that I love you more than the words on this letter can convey.

Hoping to feel your loving embrace at the soonest,

Forever yours,


Make It Extra Special

While the very act of sending a handwritten letter of love, as well as the text enshrined within it is what is going to stay with him forever (literally, you can be sure he isn’t going to misplace that letter in a hurry), there are certain extras that you can add to your loving dispatch that will make it even more special for him.

One of the ways in which you can make your love letter for him extra special is by adding a spray of your regular wear perfume, a smell that he has become accustomed to, loves and cherishes. Be sure to not, in a fit of excitement, spray a smell that isn’t associated with you in a bid to make the letter smell nice. There is no such thing as a nice smelling letter, except when it smells of the person it’s addressed from, a person that you love and dearly miss. They say that smell is one of the strongest stimulators of memories, and just as the smell of daisies reminds you of the time you two spent that wonderful evening together in the cabin up in the hills, a whiff of your perfume emanating from a letter he just received is sure to make his longing for you that much stronger, and no matter where he is, or how busy, that’s always a good thing.

The second way in which to make the letter even more special is to include a picture of you together, and while the times we live in have Facebook (and as such, a plethora of pictures) just a few clicks away, having a physical copy of a lovingly signed picture of your beloved in your hands truly is, and always will remain a truly special feeling, especially if it’s one that you didn’t explicitly ask for. And just to do it right, make sure that it’s a picture that no one else has ever seen, no trace of it lies on the internet, and you can sign off on it by saying that “this is for your eyes only” followed by a flurry of kisses. To say that he will treasure that forever, in this instance, seems an understatement.

Some General Tips

Sometimes the feelings that you want to convey may be out of reach of the vocabulary available to you at that moment in time. Worry not, for it is instances such as this that quotes are made for and you can put in your favourite one, and he being someone who loves you and has been with you, will understand perfectly what you are trying to say.

Say what’s really in your heart. Don’t be worried about going overboard or trying to adhere to a certain format (even the loose one outlined above), or trying to limit your letter to a set number of pages. This is the time to say what you really feel, the very essence of a handwritten note, especially a romantic one to a lover, and any love letters for him that you write are to be treated the same way.

Lastly, keep in mind that it’s not about the number of times that you use the word ‘love’ or any derivatives thereof, or how many times you drive home the point that you miss him and always want to be around him. The very fact that you have taken to pen your thoughts on paper will be all the proof he needs of your feelings towards him, not that he needs any at all. So just go with the flow and say it like you feel it, and let him piece together the overarching emotion – it really shouldn’t be a task too hard.

The End

So there you have it, all the basic things you need to keep in mind when writing your beloved the letter of his dreams, a piece of paper that he will keep under his pillow for the first few nights, in his locker the next few years, and in his heart forever. Happy writing.


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