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Hurting The One You Love? 5 Signs That You Are Doing That

If you have ever been on this side (the side of being hurt) you know how truly painful and disturbing life can get. But sometimes, without realizing we end up being on the other side too! Hurting the one you love can be an intentional at times. But it can also be a dangerously unintentional act at times. As the relationship grows stronger, we sometimes loosen caution on our acts and words. Now that’s not fair! Just because your partner loves you, they shouldn’t be subject to you hurting the one you love.

Alright so if your partner has been complaining about it for some time you may want to read through the five important signs to look out for. And if you have been careful up till now, be vary and ensure these five things don’t happen.

1. Taking For Granted!

The most common thing that comes up between lovers, and it results in you hurting the one you love, on both sides. Over time, partners start taking each other for granted. Once you start taking your partner for granted, frustrations are soon to follow. You will stop making the extra effort, stop giving it your all, and worst of all, your priorities start changing. Don’t expect someone to ‘understand’ if you are not making the effort to make them understand. Also, if you realize you need to apologise, here’re sorry love poems to help you out.

2. Creating Walls

It’s human nature to want and crave for individual space. But this space, if overused, can create walls around you that are hard to penetrate. Yes, it’s important to have ‘me time’ but never at the cost of ‘we time.’ Creating walls ends up creating barriers in communication and the overall relationship is badly affected, and you both end up hurting the one you love. Always keep your walls down and be approachable. If you’re confused about space and love, then read this bit on being confused about love.

3. Down The Road Of Criticism

Lovers often start bickering and criticizing each other once the initial rosy and honeymoon phase gets over. While positive feedback is necessary, criticism can break the ties and cause hurt. You are hurting the one you love if you are constantly criticizing them, focusing on the lacks and drawbacks, comparing them to others or putting them down publicly or even personally. Be encouraging, don’t overlook the negatives but be a support in making them better.

4. My Way Or The Highway!

Now that’s an attitude you need to completely flush down; hurting the one you love is is only a small part of the general issue here. A relationship is always strong when both partners have an equal say. One partner cannot be the ruler, or the dominant one. If you are only doing things you want to do, going places you want to go and spending time on activities that you enjoy, you are definitely hurting your partner. Your partner has likes and wants too, and if not always, equally take them into consideration and take them up together. Don’t be selfish, love needs generosity to prosper and grow. And her’re some basic sorry love letter intros to get started, if you’ve been messing up.

5. Overlooking Needs

Everyone has individual needs and as partners it is important for both to share and help complete each other’s needs. If your partner is directly or indirectly stating needs, you need to help them find ways and solutions to get through them. Don’t be an onlooker, overlooking the needs of your partner. These can be physical, mental or emotional needs. Whatever it is, you are hurting the one you love if you constantly ignore the needs of your partner.

So are you guilty of hurting the one you love? These are the top five things to analyze your relationship and understand the ‘chemistry’ between you and your love. Love demands constant work and effort, never slack back and always keep up with the work and demands it puts up! After all, sharing life with someone you love makes life twice as beautiful and love-ly! What say you guys?


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