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Jealous Love Quotes – For Those Who Go All Out In Love!

Jealous love quotes are not a common choice; well, who wants to admit to being jealous or being so happy that someone is jealous over you or about you. But that’s the thing, right..

What do you think about love and jealousy? Would you say that they are two sides of the same card? Well, some believe that where there is love, jealousy is bound to creep in and some say that jealousy is what ruins love. Whichever side you are on, one cannot deny the fact that a little jealousy sometimes makes you feel more special, much wanted and very loved. But yes, the emphasis is on the ‘little’ part. Too much of jealousy is bad and can ruin something that’s beautiful.

Take a look at some interesting jealous love quotes that figure on top of our list.


Now that’s what I tried to say too but just not as beautifully put together as the brilliant Maya Angelou’s jealous love quotes did. Remember, just a little bit of jealousy is good. Never overdo it! Even if it’s about true love.


Now that’s such a sweet thing to say! How can one think of such jealousy as evil or negative? It’s bloody adorable! All we need to fix some fights really are jealous love quotes.


Some people mistake care for jealousy. Yes, a little too much care can be suffocating but try to see the type of love, and where that love that originates from it and not just the jealous emotions; that’s what these jealous love quotes are about.


Ouch! It’s said that one person always loves more in a relationship and it seems kind of natural for jealousy to come up with this feeling of being the ‘lesser’ loved one. It’s the base plot for so many Bollywood love stories, and real life stories too.


Most jealous love quotes do originate in truths. Jealousy causes harm to a relationship but it causes greater harm to the person feeling it.


The fear of losing someone is probably the greatest reason for not just jealous love quotes, or jealousy, but a number of emotions that can make the partner (or partners) suffer.


This jealous love quote is a better way to say ‘you are mine’. And yes, when you consider something all yours, a little jealousy and possessiveness is obvious.


Sometimes it’s the jealousy that can give security. Sounds weird, but it’s true, or so say these jealous love quotes. What do you say?


Now that’s a kind of selfish that’s is totally acceptable. Why would you want to share the most beautiful part of your life with anyone else? The only thing you plan on sharing are deep love sms texts or valentine love poems.


It is all a matter of perception after all, ain’t it? Everything depends on which side (of jealous love quotes) you are on.

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