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Love At First Sight Stories : 10 Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Love at first sight is often said to be overrated and many people find it difficult to believe in the spontaneity and magic of it. But we’ve found some love at first sight stories, which are real accounts of happy couples who fell in love at first sight and from then their life have never been the same. Here’e those love at first sight stories you need to know about!

1. Deborah And Michael

Ours was a head over heels love at first sight for sure. Michael was the trainer in the gym I joined. We hit it off immediately and soon I was in reeling in pools of laughter. His sense of humour was awesome. He too found me engaging and we both felt that spark. From then on, we continued seeing each other and after a courtship of almost two years, we decided to get hitched. It has been fifteen years now and I have never been happier.

2. Ashley And Sean

We met on a blind date and that was love at first sight for me! Ashley was gorgeous in that red dress and her voice! I still gush over it and I gave my heart the moment I set my eyes on her. We dated for about three years and finally I proposed to her. And she was more than glad to say yes. Now, it has been nine years being happily married with two little kids and I cherish each day with her equally.

3. Nora And John

I met my husband when I was a teenager and he was my senior in grad school. I was a shy and quiet girl who was smitten by his charming personality. We were introduced in the annual sports meet and he liked talking to me. During the school days, we shared a warm and close friendship but when we moved to different colleges, we started to terribly miss each other. It was then that he decided to propose and we got married immediately after we took up jobs. And life has never been the same again.

4. Smita And Rohan

The first time I saw him, I was head over heels in love with him. We met a mutual friend’s birthday party and danced. Don’t know if the magic was in the air or something was conspiring, but he fell for me too. We had a fairy tale love affair and a dream wedding. It has been five years now and I still can’t believe it!

5. Komal And Raj

When we met through mutual friends, there was an instant connection at the first sight! I was mesmerized by her eloquence and the mischievous smile of hers. But we lived a thousand miles apart and meetings were irregular but intense. After a year or so, I could not take it any more being away from her and switched my job, city and flat to move in with her. And from then on it has been a roller coaster ride and I have no regrets with life.

6. Rhea and Bob

I met my husband while I was on a vacation in Paris in 2012. We had an awesome time together during the entire trip and he kissed me on the last night of our stay there. It was simply magical and we both knew we were made for each other. Now married for almost a year, we still travel to far off places and look forward to many more trips to come.

7. Nick And Tina

Ours is an unusual love story. I fell in love with Nick at first sight but he was already dating someone at that time and they were serious. But maybe fate had other plans. His plans with her didn’t work out and he was happy being single it seemed. I to accepted the fact and was there for him as a friend. But his father’s death affected him a lot and I was there to support him. We shared a nice bond and suddenly, one fine day, he went down on his knees and proposed. I was on cloud nine. We are happy together and have two lovely girls, the sunshine of our lives.

8. Charles And Fiona

It was totally love at first sight for me. She was my dance partner in senior prom and I was awed by her beauty and charm. Imagine my good luck, she liked me too! From then on we started dating and after settling in our jobs, married in 2004. Now we are truly best with a little son and look forward to many more amazing years to come.

9. Dhruv And Natasha

I fell in love with Natasha the moment I saw her cheering for our team. But she was three years elder to me and thought of me as some kid who was just infatuated by her. But I was determined and proved my mettle by bagging a scholarship and a good job and finally proposed. She couldn’t deny it. Now when she looks back, she grins about the whole thing and I am too happy to join in her sweet laughter.

10. George And Alexis

I met my wife at a restaurant in Florida. I fell in love with her on our very first date and announced to all my friends and family that I intended to marry her. Of course, the news reached her ears soon enough, thanks to our mutual friends and she thought I was totally a whacko case. But we are together for more than 20 years now she is still amazed about my craziness.


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