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Love In The Times Of Tinder

Love is the most essential emotional necessity of life. It gives you a reason to better yourself and to be happy, it is one of the most personal strongest feelings you can ever have and is an experience that drives you to achieve and do things you never thought yourself capable of, which in itself helps in turning you into the person you always wanted to be.

Love is mesmerising, and love is craved by all, who wouldn’t want a feeling that is so great that it cleanses your body and your soul. However, if you are still thinking of finding love by holding hands and lazing around – well, that sounds super cool and fun in theory, but still, we don’t think that’s really possible in today’s world.

The Internet Of Things

It isn’t that finding love through talking face to face with anyone – through real, personal interaction – is any harder than it was, say 50 years ago, it’s just that today, when we do come face to face with another live person (shock, horror!) we don’t have very much to say to that person, because we don’t have anything to talk to them about since we don’t know them! Life is changing, and the friends we made in school retain a special place in our hearts, just like the ones from college and the rest from work – but then again, not many are willing to spend time to know and fall in love right now.

However, the internet though, really is a wonderful thing, and it is here again that it comes to our rescue, because on the internet – your private space where you can communicate with people exactly like you – there are other people, people who just like you, are on the lookout for love.

The search for love in the online sphere has spawned a new breed of entrepreneurs who’ve invested time and efforts to bring love to your iPad and macbook screens. You can go through people’s profiles, know what they are – at least what they say they are – and to get in touch with people whose company you think you’ll enjoy with the click of a mouse. This isn’t a really bad thing after all – you can cut down on a lot of time, effort and even money by at least being able to broadly classify people as the ones who look interesting to ones your sure wouldn’t stand a chance (or you wouldn’t stand a chance with).

What’s more, to make things easier for you, we have put together a list of the best online dating sites in India, online portals where you are sure to find people who are similar and interesting enough – people who make you want to make a move and get in touch in the real world. So, without further ado, here is the list of the best online dating sites in India that are the most popular and youthful (and useful) in your quest for finding love.

The Top 5 Dating Sites In The Country

1. Mingle2

Mingle 2 is one of the most popular and free online dating sites in the country. It has a slew of tools to help set up your account and to find you the perfect match you are looking for. What makes the Mingle2 dating site popular is the presence of a lot of active and interesting message boards where you can get in touch with likeminded people, or just be a part of a large group conversion on love and more. The site has filtering tools like age, gender, geography and the ways in which people can get in touch with you. You can even block people of a certain age, region or gender from getting in touch too!

2. Cupid

Cupid is a beautiful dating site with a tool that quickly matches your requirements and pops up a few instant matches at a touch of a button. So unlike the other dating site you don’t have to wade through thousands of profiles to actually find a few profiles that are interesting or make a match with your preset preferences and profile data.

3. Match

Match is one of the oldest and most established dating communities in the country, with thousands of real profiles and successful matches to boast of. ‘Match Find and Bind’ is a professional tool offered by Match that prepares you for online dating, and it even has a platinum paid service offer where the site actually offers you a professional matchmaker who will look at your needs and preferences before guiding you on the path to finding true love, online.

4. Metrodate

Metrodate is another free online dating site that is fast making a name for itself. With tons of data and a very structured region based approach to matchmaking, this site is easy to navigate and about as professional as dating sites go. Metrodate is hence a site that should be visited by anybody seriously looking for love online.

“Get Real When You Think It Is Tim and Meet Your Love-to-be In The Offline World Before You Lose Yourself in Looouwe.”

5. India-Dating

With a free as well as a paid service, India dating is yet another youthful and vibrant site that is full of activity. The standard membership is free and the deluxe membership lets you, for a nominal fee, sift through a large number of profiles in a jiffy – making things easier and faster for you to find love online.

Before we move onto dating apps, the hottest things related to love in the mobile world, let us have a look at some of the stats that The Future Foundation has compiled, as commissioned by E harmony. These infographics have been sourced from the ever so awesome Telegraph newspaper. After a lot of in depth study, the folks at Future Foundation discovered that 27% of all relationships worldwide have their beginnings online, and what’s even more fascinating is that according to them that number will be more than 50% in the near future! So there you have it, online is the way, because maybe Cupid too is busy on Facebook and Tinder.

Apps are all the rage, and they’re definitely here to stay, having made their mark defiantly – from Amazon’s award winning shopping app to something that would’ve been crazy just a few months ago, Ola’s GPS enabled auto rickshaw booking app. The dating world, not one to be left behind, has jumped on to this bandwagon with companies like Tinder innovating to bring to the youth of today a dating experience like no other, in a friendly app. As you’d see from this comic strip – even Batman’s apparently on Tinder when he’s not acting in his next hit movie.

Mobile Dating Apps

India has been a late starter, but as they say – once we really get to know what’s in store there’s nobody who can compete with us. The mobile dating app business is booming and hence, this again proves the point – you can find love online!. So here is our list of the best online dating apps that are sure to find you a perfect match right through your mobile.

1. Tinder

Tinder has been a game changer of sorts, not just in India, but in the worldwide dating world. It was a phenomenon that slowly made Indians realise the magic that is finding love through an app on their phone. Its distinct and imitable swipe function where you could swipe to like or dislike a person is addictive, and it is said that people in a relationship too, are glued to the app just for its swipe tool and the ease of browsing through the hundreds of thousands of profile that it boasts in its repository. Mobile apps are all about the ease of usability and the experience it provides, and tinder surely ranks very high on both those counts – as evidenced by its millions of users.

2. Woo

It is highly possible that the likeminded person you’re looking out for has always been around. You could even have common friends, interests and could even be going to the same shows and theatres. Woo fills in that gap through extensive collaboration of data available of your phone, public profile on the social media and more to find for you, the most perfect match of them all! Try woo, and we are sure you’ll be surprised.

3. Thrill

“If you’ve been portraying yourself to be somebody you aren’t (it is very easy to do so in the online world) – don’t mess around, you have got to stop it. Be true to yourself and the one you really want to date – because trust and belief is not a one-way road.”

Thrill is an android specific dating app for the ladies in the house. It is loaded with features and alerts you on spam profiles and fake people wanting to waste your time. The app has many innovative security features that make sure that what you see is really what you get. But again, it is important for you to be honest and real too!

4. SAM – Singles Around Me

SAM is an app that is as interesting as its name, and is definitely worth trying your luck with. This app is unrestricted, so along with people in your vicinity, you can actually get in touch with anyone who find interesting from anywhere in the world!

5. Desi Crush

This app is made for Indians by Indians, with its USP being that you can not only search for matches within your city but even your community! So much for love online, this is app for particular Indians who want a cross between Bharat Matrimony and Tinder. Whatever works my friend, whatever works!

These are some of the most popular and trusted dating sites and mobile apps for singles looking out for love. And here’s what we have got to say to the naysayers:

Love can happen anywhere, anytime and could surprise you like nothing else can in this world, but you can’t keep waiting and lose precious time hoping cupid strikes. You really need to take things into your hands and trying out these tech-driven websites and apps is surely a good way to start if you really aren’t interested in the people around you.

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