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My favorites Perfume " Chanel "

One of my favorite perfume " Chanel " and i love chanel. I use this most of the time when im going out for specially occasion. As well, when i want to feel sexy ~!

Chanel Eau Fraiche perfume is all about sparkling freshness, light and zesty, energizing and invigorating. Immediately after application, what you smell is a super strong, wake-me-up, lemony citrusy note . The citrus top is so heavy that on the first whiff it almost feels like a unisex fragrance. It is very clean, bright and happy and makes you want to grab the moment. The volatile top notes go away quickly, but it retains its spike of freshness with a hint of spice and white florals. It is a sophisticated fragrance and smells expensive (you know what I mean?) Eventually, it settles down to the base notes of amber and musk but by then you are the only one who is aware of the fragrance of the perfume.

I would describe Chanel Chance EDT as a “for-me” fragrance in the sense that it is for you to wear and feel good about / enjoy it – and not for others to notice / or to grab their attention (unless they are super close to you, oops!). I am not in love with the excessively sweet fruity or overly gourmand fragrances that are popular these days, so this citrus-fresh-floral perfume spray suits me very well for day time

While I thoroughly enjoy the energizing and invigorating boost of freshness this fragrance gives, the biggest gripe is lack of longevity. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and rarely do I feel that the scent lasts beyond 2-3 hours.

That said, a fragrance is a very subjective preference affected by your age, smell of the skin, body temperature etc. Given that most of the amazing ones are quite expensive, it is always a good idea to feel the perfume on yourself and experience it for some time before committing to it. Given that a lot of people like their fragrances to last longer and Chanel Chance isn’t exactly a star in that department (the ‘fresh’ top notes are very volatile and disappear quickly), there is an entire range of complimentary products available with the same fragrance, including body lotion, shower gel, body cream, moisture mist and even a hair mist, to allow you to layer the fragrance and make it last longer.


Ms Yuna


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